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Fringe Interview: The Return of...?

      Email Post       11/16/2012 09:39:00 AM      

John Noble and Anna Torv discuss the return of _____ ?

Even the title of this new interview video is a *little* spoilery, so if you are avoiding all spoilers, you may want to wait to watch this until after you watch tonight's episode.

Fringe editor Ari Margolis (@jonxproductions) rates it "MS", for "Mild Spoilers"

You can watch the video after the break...


cortexifan said...

I shall miss them - more than I imagined :(

Zepp said...

This return was something that could not miss, this end of Fringe, I guess. Nina Sharp, is what I call "sympathy dangerous." It is a kind of a disguised villain who is lonely and insidious, which was molded masterfully by the great actress Blair Brown.

Lccf said...

I had hoped September would be the one returning, but wow, that short scene between Olivia and Nina made my eyes wet ! These actors ( and writers ) really know how to pull our heartstrings ( well, mine anyway ). I don't know for you, but I think recasting Nina as Olive's mother hen made the season 4 reboot worth it by itself !

Zepp said...

Good point, Lccf! The September, I think, is really the key element, the explanations and answers to everything that happened so far in Fringe. Not for nothing, I see that the character September, is one of the icons, the most representative of this series. I hope that he is back in return, too, along with Nina, in the form of a decisive character, the findings of this wonderful saga, called Fringe.

Anonymous said...

"Blair Brown" in the Tag/Category header at the top of the post sorta gives away the spoiler. It hasn't been that long since Nina has been a player. Just 3 weeks in 2036 time. Henrietta and Simon took Walter to see her after they birthed Walter from the Amber. Olive, Pete and Astrid haven't seen Nina since before the Amber - which for them means only a few months. Now Nina, like Broyles, has been fighting the good fight against the bad guys for decades... if anyone gets emotional at this reunion, it better be Nina.

Unknown said...

I know some of you are thinking that September should be a big part, I kind of agree. After Peter battles the observer and the observer get's his behind handed to him, he looks at Peter and says I know what you've done. Do you think Peter might possibly become September? That would be a wicked twist!

Zepp said...

For my part, I think that, at most, September could be a sort of faraway descendant of Peter. But one becomes the other, or that it is this, or something along those lines, I have the impression that not.

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