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FRINGE - Sneak Peek 1 - 5.06 Hologram of Etta

      Email Post       11/07/2012 09:08:00 PM      

 Hologram of Etta from "Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There"

Sniffles on my part.  How about you?


Anonymous said...

:*( will this end happily?

panda said...


crol said...

Only one way...reboot

crol said...

Only one way...reboot

Unknown said...

Made me cry again :-( I agree reboot!!

SheHateMeBro said...

Seemed like Peter was making subtle bird-like movements with his head like the observers.. anybody see that there?

Old Darth said...

I can think of other ways that do not involve a reboot.

Listen to our last Fringe Benefits Inc podcast if you want my take on how that is going to happen.

The thing with a reboot is that it would make this season meaningless, much like Season 4 would have been if they rebooted that one too.

I firmly believe that Joel Wyman is totally aware of that and will not let that happen.

Unknown said...

Killing Etta was probably the stupidest thing Abrams has done since the ridiculous way he ended "Alias" or the way he turned "Lost" into a fantasy instead of an adventure.

Blue said...

I'm really hoping they don't do a reboot back to the dandelion field. I agree with Old Darth, it would make this season meaningless, which I really hope they don't do.

One theory I had was that the only way to "fix" the world would be to go back to when the Observer (September?) interrupted Walternate in the lab and prevented him from saving Peter. If that event never happened, Walternate would have saved Peter and Walter never would have crossed over. The world would be the way it "should" be. Only problem is if Walter never crossed over, Peter and Olivia would never meet, and that would break my heart! So I hope my guess is wrong.

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