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Fringe Episode 506: "Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There"

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Happy Fringe Friday!
A Fringe team member takes on a new role, and Walter follows leads to a key piece needed in the battle against the Observers.
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How do you rate the Fringe episode "Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There"?


fringeobsessed said...

I'm writing this at 10:41PM EST tonight and writer David Fury who wrote this episode is replying to Fringe fan tweets on Twitter!
Go talk to him at @TheDavidFury. :)

milostanfield said...

One sigh of relief: Peter still has his humanity, at least for now. I was afraid that he was going to become the Hulk or Jack Bauer, which I think would cheapen a series that spent four years building such wonderful characters. Whatever the solution is to this dilemma, tech or no, I hope it comes from the characters and their human choices, not from hulking up on Observer tech or shooting a wad of Cortexiphan in somebody's arm.

Another good sign that the show will stay focused on the characters and who they are is that they have changed the dynamic between Peter, and Walter and Olivia.

For much of the series Peter was "child is father to the man" to Walter, and Walter is aware of that. He may now be ready to be father to his son when Peter may really need it.

In the past Olivia was the stubborn one who would hide her feelings and push away. Peter was patient with her, reading her, knowing what she was hiding, and bringing her out into the open. Now Olivia has come out of the grief over Etta much more open about her feelings with Peter. And she knows him, and knows he is hiding something.

One other bit of blowback from Peter's decision to ingest ObserTech is that Captain "Smile-and-frown-at-the-same-time" now knows what Peter did. It's like Peter is now an open computer logged into an enemy network with no password or firewall. Can he be traced, controlled, even manipulated? And what will happen to Peter if tries to remove the tech? Scary thoughts.

I love that the last three episodes have ended with a dramatic closeup of Peter. When it comes to closeups putting a stamp on a dramatic scene, Josh Jackson delivers, as he has done so many times in this series.

Two other themes so far. One, nothing that they have tried so far in their fight against the enemy has really worked. And two, the one big difference between us and our enemy is emotions, double edged sword that they are. We have them, they don't. I'm sure yet how those two themes relate to each other, but I think they are important.

Oh, and our "Unknown Child" is back, and has empathy!

Unknown said...

Great comments above! I thought it was clever how Walter was asking Pete for help when Peter is the one who really needs it. Liv knows he is hiding something how frustrating she has opened up when he is shuttting down. Will the unknown child be August or September and what is the power of the rocks they found in the recordist? How come the observers guns work for them but not for Olivia. I can't see how Peter is going to turn around from this path of self destruction?

milostanfield said...

@ Cazza
"How come the observers guns work for them but not for Olivia?"

I think it may have been because, like the camcorder, tech from the regular universe can't work right in the pocket universe, so Olivia pulls him back into our universe and then shoots him. If so, cool move! Was it his gun or hers? Not sure. Will have to rewatch.

Somehow Peter will come through!

Unknown said...

Thanks Milostanfield makes sense! Smart move by Liv. Would have to be love break through from Walter and Olivia to Peter. I am curious as to the observer boy I have just brought the box set so I will rewatch the episode to see if any clues.

Zepp said...
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Zepp said...

This episode 5.06, this final season, the series Fringe, was very well performed, staged and directed, and put me greatly in like I was in an atmosphere of a dream, a bad dream perhaps, but undoubtedly lived a dream in ruins, but aesthetically beautiful. I even thought at one point, I was watching a dream of Peter, or something, but no, it was actually asserting a higher valuation that this character is having now. Joshua Jackson shows every scene in this 5th season, it is far, far beyond those limits I mistakenly thought he had. His performances have been simply brilliant. Bravo Josh!

Peter is the current dynamo of the actions in Fringe, acting as an undisputed leader. You can feel that he knows, or reasonably expected to know, that the consequences that will come your self-transformation into a kind of Human-Observer, even why, I think he's the guy "more Fringe", in relation to all others, without doubt. If I was someone to sacrifice, to give, for the good of their people nearby, and thus "save the world", this one should be Peter, by its history, by his personality and his selfless saga personal, heretofore demonstrated. I get the feeling for everything that Peter has been going these past 4 or 5 years, that his change of human essence, identity of species, for something undefined, is something that seems, somehow, first daunting, but justified , or even, I would say, well founded. But definitely, this power that Peter now has a price has to be paid, and a high price, without a doubt. These Baldies act as if they were bees or ants, in a corporate, interconnected and controlled or "linked" and "turn off" to a "wasp" Windmark. The entire inner strength now Peter is also be a "them," and, beside that continue to be himself. One way or another, Peter is now the enemy within himself.

This episode, as it could not be produced too many questions, and the more that messed with my head were: so who is this Donald? Why Walter was hide that "inner child" in a "pocket universe"? "We now have a Walter with personalities" mobile "? "And Olivia? Where is "the one" Olivia?

And, to finish. What was that wonderful scene at the end of episode 5.06, that conversation with Peter Walter, which he affectionately called him dad, is not it? Undoubtedly, it gives us the feeling that Peter now sees Walter as his real father.

Unknown said...

Bravo Zepp well said

panda said...

John Noble is such an amazing actor. He never fails to impress me. Wait no voting option? OK then 8 out of 10.

Unknown said...

I’ve found most of this season’s episodes entertaining. It will be a sad January with the show coming to an end, but I’ve convinced a few of my DISH coworkers to at least have a finale party. I’ll definitely miss Walter antics, so I’ve decided to save every episode of this season to my DISH Hopper, for anytime I’m feeling nostalgic. I’m glad that I have a DVR with enough memory for my ever-growing TV show list. Cheers to Fringe and the great cast.

Unknown said...

Yeah, me too!!! I have the full serie and I really like it!!! The best ever I saw!!! But, it'll gonna end, sadly but true..

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