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Fringe 508 Preview: "The Human Kind"

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Here is the preview from the end of "Five-Twenty-Ten" for the Fringe episode "The Human Kind", which airs on FRIDAY, December 7th at 9:00PM on FOX.

Screenshots from this preview can be viewed at


Lee-Roy said...

That music sounded a bit un-Fringe like :/

Lccf said...

The Peter vs. Windmark fight looks awesome !
"Everything took place as I intended" : some Palpatine vibe, eh ? Will he turn Peter into his own "Sith apprentice" ?
This will be a loooooooooooooooooooooong wait !

SheHateMeBro said...

Could Windmark be Peter?

Unknown said...

Who is Olivia fighting? Doesn't look like an observer? is this lady an Oracle?

Unknown said...

So true love the fight scenes I hope Peter doesn't become the sith, Windmark or Anakin

Zepp said...

The Peter and Olivia fighting for the humanity together, no opponent can resist!

Unknown said...

Zepp do you think the promo might mean the changes will soon be permanent as Walter removes the tech (so really a great piece of editing so it looks like no return for Peter) also when Olivia is kicking butt someone suggested Peter was going for her gun but he doesn't have the same colour coat I am thinking it might be Donald as he wouldnt know Olivia

Zepp said...

Yeah, Cazza Rule, now after the epi 5.07 and this promo there, it seems that Peter is - or will be later - with major problems due to this self-implantation. Moreover, he is now able to fight in the same proportion, or the same - or greater - level of force that Baldies possess. I worried, is with Peter after, all, after these fights against the Baldies. Does he - Peter - survive all this? I just hope, or rather, I want it so that it survives all that is experiencing now. I think the genius of Walter, or even an intervention of September, may, in theory, save Peter, I said, I think ... I presume that all of us want the end of Fringe, has three alive and well: Walter, Olivia and Peter. I really do not want a "final super creative or impactful," I want is an end for Fringe, which has in the last scene, are there, our three heroes alive and well, that there undoubtedly really would be something unforgettable and genial!

Unknown said...

Me too!!! Well said

Anonymous said...

I hope things pick up on what has been the worst year for this suddenly tired looking, drifting production. Watching some of the marathon S1, the comparisons are daunting. Two of my favorites were "The Transformation" a taut poignant thriller which ended the John Scott arc. And "Bad Dreams" in which the cortexaphan/altverse arc begins, and all the main characters begin to relate like caring family. Great story line, relationships, acting, mythology, action, and poignancy that made FRINGE the best series on commercial TV. Nothing I've seen this season and not much in S4 either, holds a candle to these two examples. And it only got better in S2 & S3. I think relegating Olivia to hand wringing impotence was a huge mistake. Add it to the list. For a series supposedly scripted 7-8 years in advance, it seems to me spinning its wheels for a long while trying to get to an end of sorts. Still time to redeem things though. We can only hope.

Unknown said...

Fortunately, many of us found brilliance in Season four. "And Those We Left Behind," "The End of All Things," "Welcome to Westfield," "World's Apart," etc were some of the best I've seen in Fringe. All of these characters are important. Season five is tremendous and not at all "drifting." It's been really tight and leading up to something HUGE.

Olivia is coming full circle in her emotional development, and IMO, is stronger than ever because of it. After all, the Olivia of S1-S3 was way closed off. Can't you see that this is part of her journey? Learning to accept herself, and to love and be loved in return? She's always kicked herself for not being good enough, when it's simply not true. Her great heart is her strength.

Was it perfectly OK for Peter to wring his hands over Olivia while she shut him down... for how long ???? This is a role-reversal and happens on Fringe, so that all human aspects of a story can be told. I am so sorry that some people just can't quite grasp this. But I enjoy it all, so that is all that matters in the end.

cortexifan said...

@ Aimee,
you took the words right out of my mouth. Season 5 has been my favorite so far. We finally get to see the emotions that have been pinned up for so long. And not just Olivia. I love those role-reversals you mentioned, Peter now experiencing what Walter had gone through. "How far would you go for someone you love?"

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