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Video: The Lightning Round

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Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman give us a lot of spoilers ... Enjoy.


fringeobsessed said...

That was lovely. :)
And "Yes" to Alternate David Jones? Awesome!
A big THANK YOU to Jeff and J.H. for doing that.

Anonymous said...

very cool!

Anonymous said...

Why was the infamous Alt-livia might be pregnant not asked about? I have to know!!!! I hope not....dear writers and producers I love you to death but please no. Just no.

Anonymous said...

As said above, a HUGE thank you for the Spoilers! I'm so excited!

Anonymous said...

I also feel that Faux-livia might be pregnant. A third universe would be mind-boggling. Wm Bell reappearing would be great too. But what would the AlterNina be like?
I do have to say this is in my top 5 science fiction shows. And this is a period of 1960's through, well, now...

Anonymous said...

I knew there was a 3rd universe. Color it 'YELLOW'! The clues were there from the beginning.
This side Lincoln Lee - YES! Really liked his over there character.
Other OBSERVERS!?! That's interesting.

Matthew on the FRINGE!

Anonymous said...


Ron E. said...

Wow. Now I'm even more excited to see the rest of the season if that's possible.

DocH said...

Why would anyone think that Bolivia is pregnant?

Observer: It must be difficult.
Peter: What?
Observer: Being a father.

It wasn't a comment on Peter's recent coital activity. It was about the pains of fatherhood. The whole show was about the difficulty of Roscoe and his son, and Walter and his son... he was commenting on the torment they have faced as fathers -

(it wasn't a wink-wink-nudge-nudge moment. "I know something you don't - your two-faced girlfriend is knocked-up.")

Dennis said...

I agree. This is the implied meaning of that comment: It must be difficult being a father - like Walter - because he was "willing to let his son die".

While it may end up have a double meaning, I think people are jumping to conclusions that they wouldn't normally, based on the knowledge of rumors that may or may not be true. When you head down that road, you can bend all kinds of facts to fit a theory - like the woman holding a baby in the graffiti.

FYI, it's called Pareidolia: the psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant.

DocH said...

Sweet... I learned a new word today (thanks Dennis). I studied the graffiti for a bit last night after you posted the images at The most interesting one I saw was what looked like an abstraction of 'The Child', from 'Inner Child'. The Pareidolia moment for me was the dozen 'Eyeballs' that surrounded his (bald) image. That seemed to indicate that he was all-knowing, all-seeing... psyhcic (Observer-like?).

Matthew M said...

- Will Special Agent Amy Jessup return? (really liked her)
- Is the Alt universe the cause of "THE PATTERN" or different?
-More Cortexiphan children? Not just from Jacksonville, Fla. but
from the Wooster Campus of Ohio State University?
-Will we learn more about "THE FIRST PEOPLE"?

DocH said...

I liked Jessup too, but I think one of two things happened.

1) She got on set and did not have the acting chops that inspired multiple recurs in the saga (I hope this is not the case) Abrams likes his freckle-faced actresses... and gave her a break, but she may not have tested well with cast, crew, test audiences, etc....

2) She (which I hope is true) is an 'insurance' actor. They introduce her early, and, in case they lose Torv for some reason, they have a known face/character to step forward, aka recruited by Broyles, to fill the empty slot. We see her, we are familiar with her, she has bona fides (a parallel investigation of her own) and if they need her to, she can take the reins on the Science Team. I think Agent Kashner (Dream Logic) was a similar role. That being said - I hope they would promote Astrid ahead of her. Jessup could step into the 'lab sidekick' role. (remember how the X-files ended without Mulder or Scully).

PS: I think the "First People" theme will carry through to the series finale (4+ years from now)

fringeobsessed said...

Doc H,
The whole Ooh-FauxLiv-could-be-pregnant-thing started from an LJ entry that ended up everywhere(See the FT Spoilers section.) And Dennis is right, there's tons of double-meaning dialogue scattered throughout most of the Firnge episodes. I just rewatched ALL of Season 1 and the double meanings and foreshadowings are everywhere.

Is it true? I certainly hope not! Only time will tell.

Lux Lea said...

# Alternate Mr. Jones. oh YES! My favorite "guest" star, even above Nimoy.

# Jessup. She didn't test well with me. IMO they attempted to exchange Charlie with Jessup. Not a good move.

tankadin said...

What was the word that Jeff said at the very beginning of the clip?

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