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An Update on the "Seven Suns" Violet Sedan Chair Albums

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This story has developed so beautifully in the last few hours.
I was getting ready earlier this afternoon to post an update on the search for the fabled album,"Seven Suns" by Violet Sedan Chair, which Michael Aussiello had posted about two Fridays ago on his TV Line website.(See Dennis's post here at FT dated 01/07/11).

We were told the powers that be had made slightly different versions of this vinyl album and 'planted' them at independent record stores around the country, and "that they've been in stores for a couple of months now." Now, I happen to know that last statement is not quite correct.

On January 7th in the AM when the TV Line story hit the net, my second call at 10AM Eastern was to the popular Boston-based record chain, Newbury Comics. A man there said they had had 1 copy of "Seven Suns" by Violet Sedan Chair but it was sold a few months ago. Talk about a hit and a miss. And on the same morning a nice manager at Worcester's "That's Entertainment" store started an all-out search for "Seven Suns." Five days later he called to tell me he'd checked every single record distributor in the country and come up empty.

But I couldn't rest there. On January 11th I paid a little visit to my closest Newbury Comics store. As of that date that was the closest anyone had come to finding a "Seven Suns" copy and I wanted a confirmation. The young man looked it up in the computer but told me it was sold in "used" condition two years ago. I must have looked shocked as he proceeded to call the manager of distribution who confirmed this. So the "Seven Suns" albums by Violet Sedan Chair were placed into the record stores two years ago?! That's not quite the same as "been in stores for a few months now." This timeline also is eerily reminiscent of the famous JJ Abrams' article in Wired magazine titled, "JJ Abrams on the Magic of Mystery," which is from 04/20/09(about 2 years ago). In page 1 of the article Abrams explains that looking through the wooden bins in the music stores is a lost art, and that it's not about the ending to something but about the journey along the way. Hmm. Like looking for copies of "Seven Suns" around the country.

But I'm happy to say the "Seven Suns" update doesn't end here. We apparently have an unconfirmed winner, but it sure looks like it. A person named Kiki Kane posted today that she found a copy of "Seven Suns" by Violet Sedan Chair at Easy Street Records in Seattle, Washington. Actually, she said there were 3 of them in the discount bin and she got the last one. This is huge. If you click on the link below you can see the cover. If you click on the other link below you can listen to 5 songs form the album. And I've even included my friend Danielle's link in which she's listed the lyrics to "She's Doing Fine."

Does all this give you a happy feeling? I hope so. Does it make you want to keep hunting for the similar but different copies of "Seven Suns" that may still be out there? I hope so. And I hope that person who bought the copy of "Seven Suns" from the Newbury Comics' Boston store steps forward so we can view it . Remember, JJ Abrams wants you to come along for the ride.

Kiki Kane's photos of the "Seven Suns" album by Violet Sedan Chair:
Listen to the first 5 songs:
Danielle's lyrics to "She's Doing Fine":
"JJ Abrams on the Magic of Mystery"(Wired Magazine)


Matthew M said...

WAs really excited about this when I read about it. Checked all the stores around me with no luck. One store said they were supposed to get it but never did. I thought this was going to a fun game and we actually had a chance to find it but it looks like this is a gopher hunt and how do you catch a gopher? We the "FRINGE" fans are not amused!
I admit I do like the songs I've heard so far.
Come on "FRINGE" play fair.

Anonymous said...

Side Two now up as well:

fakey said...

These songs are Bunk!
{Song Title/REPEAT/Song Title/Repeat } REPEAT!
I was hoping for some deep sh*t but this was Sub-par at best. Maybe the album art gets deeper.
Not Impressed thus far.
with the albums that is... Dying for this Friday. I am on noons but I will tell my wife she MUST watch it live... or at least leave the cable box on while she sleeps :)

fakey (fakehater) ME said...

My son playing his keyboard singing with the mic IN his mouth reminds me more of Fringe than these songs do. PS: he do do that

fakey (fakehater) ME said...

sorry... that should be "Playing his keyboard WITH HIS FEET singing with the mic IN his mouth"... which is what he do do.

Anonymous said...

Um, wow. What a bunch of spoiled brats. It's Walter Bishop's favorite album of all time, so just listen to it and be thankful. It's fun and cool and I envy the two lucky people who found copies so far.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm never thankful for Crap. Spoiled? no. Like having my time wasted? NO. FRINGE is cool but these songs are NOT.

Anonymous said...

The music is just a tie in to the show...get over it. But it's still a lot better than say "You All Everybody". I'm glad the creators of Fringe are focusing on producing an amazing show, and are not worried about creating a commercially successful album. However, I would feel very lucky if I was able to find one of these albums!

Anonymous said...

@ fakey: "MUST watch it live... or at least leave the cable box on while she sleeps :)"

Why? Does she have a Nielsen box? Otherwise you won't count towards the ratings.

Anonymous said...

Please, someone can write the lyrics of the LP? Im from Spain and I understand English ... BUT in the songs they speak very rapidly and with the music I do not understand anything!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the lyrics are not where you find the clues. Maybe on the album cover or in the music?

fringeobsessed said...

Anonymous wanting lyrics:Use Danielle's link above to see the lyrics to "She's Doing Fine."
Those are the only song lyrics on the net at the moment. When I find more I'll post them right away.

Anonymous said...

i know a girl who also got a copy at easy street records, who isnt kiki

Unknown said...

WOW. This album is actually pretty good for viral marketing!

Sounds like if Radiohead existed in the early 70s.

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