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New Fringe Fridays Video at Official Fringe Website

      Email Post       1/20/2011 07:52:00 PM      

Executive producers Jeff Pinkner and JH Wyman discuss how they interpreted the network moving Fringe to Friday nights. and YouTube


Cerulean said...

Go for a Season 5! An episode of the fifth season will air on Friday, December 21, 2012 (aka the day the world will supposedly end)! I smell opportunities!

Anna L. M. said...

01-20-51-19 (the numbers on the screen behind them). Any significance?

Randy Holder said...

I'm deeply disturbed the the move to Friday night....despite what anyone says, Fridays are the typical hospice for dying television shows. This is where they go to slowly die and I'm wondering why they've done this to my beloved Fringe?????

Derek Evans said...

nope, it's Dec. 22 2012

Lux Lea said...

I'm not relieved by their optimism. Core fans cannot carry any show. A show needs many, many interested but less invested viewers. And in the right demographics, that advertisers want to sell to.

Anonymous said...

FOX might be trying to show their support of the show, but I think the conveyed optimism doesn't do a thing for the fate of Fringe. Moving to Fridays won't add enough viewers; if anything, it might lose some. I know that personally, Friday nights (especially at 9 pm) are when I go out instead of staying inside to watch TV.

Anonymous said...

I WILL show up for the show...on Hulu...when my schedule allows. Sorry I cannot make it when FOX demands. It almost feels like a bullying tactic. Either watch Fringe on Friday nights, or it'll be taken away. I resent that.

Anonymous said... IS Dec 21, 2012.

Cool, Cerulean for pointing that out.

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