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Fringe Tweet-Peat Review

      Email Post       9/03/2009 10:03:00 PM      

Based on the fan reaction from tonight's Fringe "Tweet-peat", I would have to say it was an udder disaster. The tweet of the night comes in response to the question "What is your favorite episode?"
@TPaisley I can tell you my least favourite episode. The one where have the screen was covered by twitter.

In all honesty, I thought it was an interesting experiment. Of course I've seen the episode several times, so the intrusion into the show didn't bother me at all. For those tuning into this episode, or the show for the very first time, I can see how it would be distracting. I think the level of outrage expressed in the comments is a little over the top, but such is the world of the anonymous internet. (FYI, is a fan-site and is not officially connected to Fringe, Fox, or WB... i.e. it's not our fault! ;)

UPDATE: Joe Early, Fox's vice president of marketing and communications, noted that ... depending on how fans respond, the network might (or might not) add tweets to future repeats. "It would never be done, obviously, on an original episode," Early said.

Please don't worry! As far as I know, this was officially a one time event. Fox press releases only mentioned tonight's episode of Fringe, and tomorrow's episode of Glee. The Fringe season one finale next week should be Twitter-free, and certainly all of the new episodes will be as well.

If you would like to watch tonight's episode tweet-free, it is available for free online at,, or even in the Fringe Epsiodes section.

What did you think about the Fringe Tweet-peat?


PrimulaBlue said...

For those who participated, like myself, it was completely fun!

I used TweetDeck so I would be able to follow all the Fringe producers/actors in one thread, and then also followed the @peterbishop2 and @JPFringe replies as well.

Perhaps they should have released the S1 DVD's first, so those who really wanted to watch the episode again wouldn't get mad.

PrimulaBlue said...

I just realized that the answer to MY question is on your screen shot!! That's awesome!! SEE?? Completely fun!!

Tlieso said...

I can understand that first time viewers may have found it distracting but I liked it. I took part in it and was extremely excited to have Josh Jackson answer my question.

As for it taking up too much of the screen I think people are being a little over-dramatic. I have a 19" tube & had no problems at all.

tallone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tallone said...

I thought it was fun. It wasn't as enlightening as I thought it might be, but it was amusing,interesting since you were talking directly to people involved with the show. Noble's running commmentary was campy fun.

LadySolitaire said...

I had fun reading the live tweets! Well, I live in the West Coast and the re-broadcast was at 9pm. The tweets during the re-broadcast didn't bother me at all. I've seen the episode at least twice before. It's just like the Enhanced LOST episodes, with the pop-up text.

Zorg said...

Please don't do this again....I have to utilize closed caption and between that and the tweets, I really only had a little more than half of a screen, plus it's just too distracting, the whole point of the re-run is to refamiliarize oneself with last season, so we are caught back up for the new season coming in. Really didn't care to watch all the other conversations. Thats my two cents - Thanks

Tuna girl said...

My god, for a repeat episode it's fine. It was fun and interactive. Obviously, don't do this all the time, but for a once in a while thing? Bring it on!

vincerunzaonline said...

"I think the level of outrage expressed in the comments is a little over the top, but such is the world of the anonymous internet."

Oh, of course, how *we* feel is less-than-relevant. Now, think for a minute. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Perhaps if those of us who use closed captions were eliminated, you'd still have a bunch of people who were hopping mad about taking up a third of the screen with arguably crappy comments.

Is it really necessary to display two sequential comments? Must they be displayed in the intrusive manner that they were in this episode? Do you have any pull with the guys that implemented this?!

Tell 'em to either be less intrusive or not do it at all, regardless of how many times the episode was aired. Want an example of "less intrusive"? Those episodes of "LOST" that had pop up comments and observations...

Anonymous said...

Edited to correct spelling:

@Vince - no one has said that you don't have a reason to be upset. Heck Dennis has even agreed that it could be annoying if you've never seen the episode before (as do I). I use closed captions and I can agree it would be a problem if they were on a new episode as well.

All that is being said is that SOME of the reactions have been over the top - the ones screaming for the twitters to be removed (especially as they were directed at the wrong people), the ones screaming about how HORRIBLE it is for FOX to DARE do this, the ones calling for people to be reprimanded or even fired... and so on and so forth... The ones that act like it was a personal attack on people.

Yes it's annoying, yes it was probably a bad idea, but there was no reason for the responses to get out so out of hand. Especially since this WAS a one time event on a repeated episode.

Unknown said...

As if it wasn't bad enough having the first 10 minutes of the show preempted by "American Idol" during the regular season, now you give us this garbage? I missed this episode last season and was hoping to enjoy it tonight. Wrong!


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