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Tonight On Fringe: In Which We Meet Mr. Jones

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Tonight's episode of Fringe is an encore performance (repeat) of In Which We Meet Mr. Jones (Fringe Episode #107).
Every second counts when a strange, almost-otherworldly parasite mysteriously attaches itself to the internal organs of a dying FBI agent. With a life on the line and strong suspicions of a Pattern connection, Agent Dunham rushes to Germany to meet with an imprisoned man who reveals disconcerting details of a much larger threat. Meanwhile, Peter and Walter attempt to help Olivia by tapping into a dead man's brainwaves.
In Which We Meet Mr. Jones links:
There is no episode of Fringe next week - to make way for the season premier of American Idol. Fringe will be back on January 20th, following American Idol, with the all new episode Bound. For a sneak peek at Bound, check out the Fringe Spoilers section.


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