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What Would You Ask: John Scott?

      Email Post       1/30/2009 11:31:00 AM      

I'M IN UR DREEMZ, GIVIN U CLOOZIn a few hours, I'll be interviewing Mark Valley, who plays John Scott on Fringe.

The interview will be the same format as the John Noble Conference Call interview, which mean I'll likely have the opportunity to ask only one or two questions.

The question I have for John Scott:
"During the Synaptic Transfer, some of John Scott's memories have moved out of John's mind into Olivia's mind. Are there any memories that Olivia may be missing any that are trapped in John's brain?"
What would you ask John Scott?


ej said...

good question.
I'd like to know will we see joch scott in a real person,i mean not only appear in oliva's memories.

Anonymous said...

-What are the plastic disks about (The one in the Agent Evelina Mendoza's hand on "The Ghost Network") and how does it aid in recovering Scott's memory?

-Why is Massive Dynamic still able to "download" memories for JS months after his "death"? Does the "6 hours" rule apply?

-Will we finally be getting answers on which side Scott is working for and his true intentions?

Fortran said...

All I'd want to know about is "Why did they cancel Keen Eddie? Why? WHY?!"

I loved that show...

Green9 said...

Okay. I have a pretty good idea of what I want my question to be, but hopefully you can word it better than me.


Did John Scott choose Olivia to become close to because he cared for her, or because he previously knew that she was somehow connected to the pattern? Did he request for them to become partners, if the latter is true, or was it by chance that they met?

Anonymous said...

Was he working for Massive Dynamic? And why did it say on a gravestone in his memory "he's not dead" And what is the connection between Massive Dynamic making the jet engine in flight 627 and the events that happened onboard? Massive Dynamic had not been introduced yet, so this is obviously a hint.

Anonymous said...

Did John really love Olivia?

Anonymous said...

Did you get to ask anything?

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