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Storm Delay

      Email Post       1/29/2009 10:36:00 AM      

My house
As you may or may not know, I live in Lexington, KY, which was hit hard by an ice storm. Almost 500,000 people here are without power, including myself, so needless to say, I have been without internet or TV since Tuesday. This of course means I haven't even seen this week episode of Fringe yet (or Lost!) ;(

Edward and Adam and been nice enough to help out during this time, but as soon as I get power back, I will try to get everything caught up, hopefully before next week's show! Thanks for understanding! Dennis


Anonymous said...

Argh! Ice storms are not fun. Take care and hope everything gets back to normal FAST.


Anonymous said...

Wow I heard about this on the radio on my way home from work they described the way the branches are falling off the trees and doing lots of damage. Be safe.

tallone said...

You have my sympathies. I heard about this. We went through this in December here in New England. Take care/keep warm.

Genevieve J. Castillo said...

Wow...The pic looks apocalyptic...But nevertheless it's beautiful. Hope that everything was ok in Lexington at that time.

free winrar download said...

luckily i didn't miss any of the episodes of Lost and Fringe :) This was so long ago!

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