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Joshua Jackson Interviews: Craig Ferguson & BuzzSugar

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Joshua Jackson was on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Tuesday night, talking about Fringe, living in Paris, and "stroking the slug". Craig showed a sneak peek from the upcoming Fringe episode Bound, which I have removed and placed in the Fringe Spoilers section.

Buzz Sugar also interviewed with Josh at FOX's TCA after-party. They discussed:
  • Coming back for a new batch of episodes
  • Learning Peter's secrets
  • Peter and Walter's relationship
  • Working with JJ Abrams
  • Giving Peter a reason to stick around:
...He may not like to admit it, but he's human and he wants to take care of his dad. At the core of it all there's a very simple emotional story going on: Peter is an abandoned child who has a chance all these years later to build some sort of relationship with his father. If you took away all of the science fiction, that's a workable story in and of itself."
You can read the full interview at


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