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John Noble on Good Day LA

      Email Post       1/06/2009 10:20:00 PM      

John Noble, who plays Dr. Walter Bishop on Fringe, was interviewed Monday on Good Day LA. The first video featured a clip from the upcoming episode Bound, which I edited it out, and placed in the Fringe Spoilers section. The second video is a web extra interview.


Adele said...

I can attest to Aussies being rather unimpressed by actors. I think it's hilarious how well he managed that first interview because that was all over the place. Love that he talks about loving the character, the possibility of Peter/Olivia hooking up and Olivia growth.

On top of that he glows when he speaks of his family and remembers the journalist's (I am saying that with tongue in cheek) name - I love him. Classy, classy man.

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