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Fringe Podcast Roundtable

      Email Post       1/08/2009 09:38:00 AM      

The Fringe Dwellers (Jen & Adele) along with The Fringe Podcast crew (Darrell, Courtney & Clint), Wayne from Wayne's Take on Fringe and David Wu of Fringemunks fame joins forces to discuss the first ten episodes of Fringe, Season 1.

Download High Quality (92.8 MB)

Listen Now, High Quality:

UPDATE: Some people are having trouble downloading the high quality version. I have upload a lower quality version here:

Download Low Quality (46.6 MB)

Listen Now, Low Quality:

For more information on the podcasters, visit:
Also, check out the Fringe Podcast Network, the one-stop location for these and all other Fringe podcasts!


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