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Fringe Will Return For Season 2 This Fall?

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The Hollywood Reporter, covering the 2009 TCA Winter Press Tour, is reporting that FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly "heavily hinted" that Fringe will return in the fall for a second season!
It's a keeper ... They've really found the storytelling model now ... what you're going to see in the second half in the year, if you follow the serialized story you're going to find [satisfying content each week and yet] the stories really do re-set themselves each week I would not expect it to take off after 'Idol' but I do think it will tick up another level.
Perhaps he meant the second-half of the First season? Either way, it sounds like he is a big Fringe fan, and the show will be sticking around for a while.

Reilly was also asked about the Remote-Free TV experiment used on Fringe:
Will the RemoteFreeTV experiment continue? If Fox has its way, yes, but the model that uses half as many commercials for shows like "Fringe" and "Dollhouse" remain a tough sell for advertisers. When asked if RemoteFree was a success, Reilly says, "For the most part, yes. Viewer feedback was great ... advertisers were very happy ... studies showed retention was high ... but not every advertiser wants to pay that premium." Plus, there's an additional production factor of doing shows that are slightly longer than usual.


Wingedhamham said...

YEAH! Fringe is an absolutely addicting show. Me and my mother scream for each other before each episode starts ^^,

addicted said...

u got too keep this show on tv for at least 10 years its even more addicting than sapranos keep up the absloute brilliant work!!!!

Kerotan said...

The show ain't perfect, but somehow it manages to intrigue me. Good to hear there's more to look forward to.

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