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Exclusive Fringe Scheduling News

      Email Post       1/26/2009 11:15:00 AM      

The FringeTelevision.com exclusive inside source checked in this weekend and revealed some interesting Fringe scheduling and director news. I don't really consider any of this to be spoilery, so I have posted them here, instead of in the Fringe spoilers section.
  • Fringe 115: directed by Fred Toye, air date 4/7/09
  • Fringe 116: directed by Brad Anderson, air date 4/14/09
  • Fringe 117: directed by Akiva Goldsman, air date 4/21/09
  • Fringe 118: directed by Bobby Roth, air date 4/28/09
  • Fringe 119: directed by Nelson McCormick, air date 5/5/09
  • Fringe 120: director TBD, air date 5/12/09
  • Fringe 121: directed by Fred Toye, air date 5/19/09
Notably absent is Fringe 122, however JJ Abrams indicated that he was interested in directing a season finale...

One big revelation that comes out of these air dates, is that there will be another big block of repeats coming soon. Fringe episode #112 airs on Jan 27, #113 airs Feb 3, and #114 airs Feb 10, which means there will be another seven weeks of re-runs until #115 on Apr 7! The reason for the break, of course, is they need the time to shoot the episodes. However, once it comes back, it looks like it will run straight through until the end.

BTW, We've created a new Google Fringe Air Date calendar, in addition to our Fringe Birthday calendar, which we will update with the episode dates and names as they become available.


Edward said...

If memory serves, American Idol has a number of 2 hour performance shows early in the season to accommodate the large number of initial contestants. So Fringe re-runs might not be in the offing for some of those dates.

Dennis said...

Possibly, since they haven't decided what they will do with the time yet.

However, American Idol started January 12, a week before Fringe came back. I think they'll be done with tryouts by then, and they are not doing the "Idol Gives Back" episode this year.

Edward said...

Early performance shows = semi-finalist rounds, and I count 4 of those (each with 12 contestants, which equates to a 2 hour show). ref.

After that, you've got 12 total contestants, then 11, then 10, ..., so again, 2 hour shows for at least a few of the early finalist performance shows.

But I'm guessing.

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