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Tonight on Fringe: Bound

      Email Post       1/20/2009 08:06:00 PM      

Finally! After seven week of waiting, FRINGE IS BACK! Tonight's episode is Bound to wrap up a few loose ends:
After shifty FBI Agent Mitchel Loeb orchestrated David Robert Jones' otherworldly escape from a German prison and Olivia's alarming abduction, indications of a larger threat begin to emerge. Adding to the intense circumstances, one of Olivia's former adversaries is called in by Internal Affairs to conduct a formal review of the Fringe Division, and Olivia's sister, Rachel (guest star Ari Graynor), pays a visit. The timing couldn't be more inopportune, as Olivia, Walter and Peter race against time to solve the wildly grotesque murder of an esteemed epidemiologist - which may link to Olivia's own abduction - before a catastrophic epidemic is unleashed.
After the show, you can discuss the episode here in the comments, or over the Fringe Television forum for Bound. Also, check out what you might have missed in the Fringe Easter Eggs section. Did you spot The Observer? The Fringepedia Wiki will be hard at work organizing all the Fringe facts, and screen captures from the entire episode will be available soon in Fringe Gallery.

The preview for next week's episode - The No-Brainer, can be found in the Fringe Spoilers section here.


Anonymous said...

I FOUND THE CLUE IS THIS EPISODE TO THE NEXT EPISODE- its the book at the end when Olivia is on the couch asleep- the book reads "what's that noise"- read the description and watch the preview of next weeks episode to clue in

Adam Morgan said...

Best ep yet. A breakthrough for the show.

Anonymous said...

Was there an easter egg just before the commercial break after Olivia punched Loeb? I thought I saw a flash of green.


Anonymous said...

anyone see the observer?!

Anonymous said...

did anyone see the observer i forgot to look until last 10 mintues

Anonymous said...

anyone know the cover song playing with olivia and her sister talking in the kitchen??

Anonymous said...

I can't be sure, but it looks like the OBS is standing over Loeb's shoulder against the wall, kind of blurry, when Loeb is getting arrested by Olivia right b4 she whacks him in the face. I'll have to see a high def version though to be sure ....

courtney said...

the song is by the watson twins, doing a cure cover.

Anonymous said...

Awesome ep, but where is the observer, I thought he was in the class, but even in the HD version I can't find him....any clue?

Anonymous said...

@ Leo

According to FTV, He is walking during the "Harvard University" title.

but says he is "just under the projector as Kinberg talks about "protozoa and fungi."

I can't see either well.

Anonymous said...

1) I can't get that larva out my head.
2) I think Olivia's sister is pregnant with a mutation... Olivia sensed something.
3) Clearly they put something inside her spine.

Capcom said...

Good episode, but my mind is still processing it.

I wonder if the 8-ball is going to figure into things somehow, they showed it a few times. If Walter gets his hands on it, it will probably keep him entertained for days. :o)

Dennis said...

I think it did figure in to giving Olivia an excuse to look at Loeb's shoes.

But, I think it's weird that no one asked the magic 8-ball a question.

lost2010 said...

I really liked this episode. I'm glad that she got away before they did too much experimenting on her. I couldn't decide whether Loeb was really messing with her or whether they really were trying to help her in some odd kind of way. She didn't see dead-boyfriend this time, so maybe they got rid of that for her?

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