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Fringe: The Whole Series In Five Minutes

      Email Post       1/15/2009 10:56:00 AM      

FOX has created a 5-minute recap video of the first ten episodes of FRINGE. If you are new to Fringe, or need a quick refresher course, this excellent video will get you up to speed with all the player and major plot points.

For some reason, FOX don't let people embed their videos, so jump over to Fox On Demand to get ready for the premier of Bound on Jan. 20th.

BTW, If you've missed any episodes, you can watch them for free online, in our Fringe Episodes section.


Mischa said...

the one for lost was much better, this is just a cheap imitation.. so sad! ^^

Capcom said...

Great idea! A good enough job, there's not much you can do with only 10 eps. :-)

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