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Walter's Lab Notes: Fringe 111 - Bound

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Here are Walter's Lab Notes from the Fringe episode Bound. Also pictured are a cheesesteak sandwich, a slug virus, a photo of some sort of organism, and Betty's slug tracks. In the notes, Walter mentions:
  • Ouranos, also know as Uranus, and Cronos are from Greek mythology
  • Buri and Borr (Bor) are from Norse mythology, the Grandfather and father of W┼Źden (Wotan), also known as Odin.
  • The quote is about "The Kraken", from Snorri Sturlson's "The Prose Edda"
  • ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size, a term from The Princess Bride
Click here to read the text of Walter's Notes

- Project 1087 - Exploration 1 -

First an overgrown protozoan wrapped 'round the heart; now a mommoth virus grown in the belly. How difficult it proves to separate myth from fact, and fact from myth! Gigantism abounds in legend. The giant Ouranos begat Cronos, also a giant; and from his belly burst the Olympians, themselves giants in the eyes of men. And likewise did Buri beget Bor who begat Wotan...

Straightway the Allfather cast the serpent into the deep sea, where he lies about all the land; and this serpent grew so greatly that he lies in the midst of the ocean encompassing all the land, and bites upo his own tail.

So said Snorri of the overgrown serpent. Always giants within giants within giants — of course! This gorgeous creature is not, in fact a giant virus. The rhinovirus takes the form of an icosahedron, not a slug. No, she is a gigantic human cell — from Dr. Kinberg's own intestinal walls — mercilessly overtaken and supersized by the giant virus that infected her.

SUPERSIZED! A new word in my lexicon. Such a brillian concept: to order a tasty meal and, with one simple command, expand it in all dimensions. The wonder and horror of it; for how could I not observe the astounding synedoche between the consumers and the consumed? Giants within giants again. To What othe purposes might this remarkable technique be applied? Squashes that will squash the county fair records? In class mammalia, order rodentia, the rise of the ROUS's? Even we hominids might take part. More than a few females might wish to grow thier assets; men, too.

But, caution is essential — for the pace of protien production must have been astonishingly rapid to sustain both cellular growth and .. oh, my. This volume of cytoplasm could only have one purpose: large-scale viral production. Within this slug-like sack, there could be millions of copies of its pathogenic parent. Extra care must be taken to contain her. No more afternoon walks for Betsy, I suppose. Wait... where did I see her last?


Anonymous said...

That's not a real Phillies cheesesteak. It's some Boston mutation. I'd rather eat the slug. With LSD or a docongestant or something.

The Quiet Traveler said...

who is betsy?

Anonymous said...

I believe he was referring to the slug as "Betsy"....

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