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The Observer: Catch Him If You Can

      Email Post       12/04/2008 10:07:00 AM      

Fox has released a series of videos, confirming the hidden location of The Observer in each Fringe episode, with the exception of The Observer-centric episode The Arrival, and his recent appearance in Safe. I have compiled all the videos together into this one clip, but you can also watch them individually in the FOX YouTube channel.

We have been tracking the Observer since the beginning in our Screencaps section, along with other Easter Eggs, including hidden Massive Dynamic logos, and the Next Episode Clues (clues hidden in each episode which foreshadow what will happen in the next episode.)


Capcom said...

Thanks for your efforts on this, and everything! :-D

Edward said...

Digg it!

tallone said...

That was great..good job!

Laura Moncur said...

I had absolutely NO desire to watch The Fringe before I saw this video. io9 linked to this site and now I'm going to get all the episodes and watch from the beginning!

Thanks for the new obsession!

Dennis said...

Welcome Laura, and other io9 visitors!

Edward said...

Hmmm? Where can I catch up with (watch old episodes of) Fringe?

Anonymous said...

Kooky. I didn’t even know he was in any other episodes besides that one. Fringe is pretty much the dopest show since Golden Girls.

simonseattle said...

Being raised on the Twilight Zone, outer Limits, and other shows of this genre
I find that Fringe satisfies the inner child, and tickles the imagination of the
My laymans interest in "spooky quantum physics" and it's infinite possibles.
Keep it coming, I am a fan. Simonseattle <a href="

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