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Fringe Episode 107 - In Which We Meet Mr. Jones

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Every second counts when a strange, almost-otherworldly parasite mysteriously attaches itself to the internal organs of a dying FBI agent. With a life on the line and strong suspicions of a Pattern connection, Agent Dunham rushes to Germany...

Is the 'mad' in Walter's 'scientist':


tallone said...

Remember the bouncin dot on the MD's a heartbeat..I timed it yesterday..70 beats in one minute.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know the artist of the song that played in Episode 107. Sounded like the title may be "Let It Be Me".

Anonymous said...

The Artist for "Let it be me" is Ray Lamontagne.

Anonymous said...

so now the Observer is hanging around german airports?

Anonymous said...

Where is that bouncin dot? Give me a link.

Anonymous said...

I guess i missed the observer in the airport. I was looking for him, but thought he wasnt in the episode. What a great show. It just seems to get better and better

tallone said...

Here's the page from the MD for the heart thing.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know the German dialogue? I'm curious to know what they are saying (translated into english obviously).

Steven said...

I do, because I am German...
1. In the prison, after the warden says he is sorry that Olivia cannot see Jones, Lucas tells him "Es gibt da bestimmt Dinge, die sie gebrauchen können und ich wäre bereit über diese Dinge zu reden." (There are probably some things that could be useful to you and I would be willing to talk about these things.)

To which the warden responds "Mit dem was ich brauche können sie mir nicht helfen." (With what I need, you can't help me.)

After Olivia says that she would be willing to sign anything she adds "Etwas das beispielsweise beweist dass ich nicht hier war." (Something that for example proves that I was not here.)

2. The door of the room in which Olivia talks to Jones has a sign saying "Befragungsraum" (Interrogation room).
While talking on the phone inside the room, an officer comes in and tells her "Zeit ist um, sie müssen jetzt gehen." (Time is over, you have to go now).

Olivia responds "Ich brauche noch sechs Sekunden" (I need six more seconds) and the officer replies "Nein, sie müssen jetzt gehen. Sie haben keine Zeit mehr." (No, you have to go now, you don't have any time left.)

After that Olivia turns back to her phone and the officer says "Ich werde Gewalt verwenden wenn sie jetzt nicht sofort mit mir kommen Frau Dunham. Sie sind nicht befugt sich hier weiterhin aufzuhalten." (I will use force if you don't come with me now, Mrs. Dunham. You are not authorized to stay here any longer.)
Olivia responds "Ich bin gleich soweit." (I am done in a moment.)

The officer then says "Ich werde sie nicht mehr bitten, Frau Dunham. Die Zeit ist jetzt um." (I will not solicit any longer, Mrs Dunham. The time is now over.)

And then with the second officer "Kommen sie mit mir oder wie nehmen sie mit." (Come with me or we will take you with us.)

If I remember correctly, apart from that there were only a few german announcements at the airport but they were not of any importance.
In the first episode there was some german chatting but really nothing important, only passengers talking and safety announcements from the flight attendants.

Dennis said...

Thanks Steven! That's great!!

Capcom said...

Yes, thanks Steven!! :-D

Steven said...

sure, no problem... i'm glad whenever i can help :D

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