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Exclusive: Chance Kelly Interview

      Email Post       11/29/2008 12:23:00 AM      

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Chance Kelly, who plays rogue FBI Agent Mitchell Loeb on Fringe. Chance was on the set, filming the episode we will see after the break - Bound on January 20th. He discussed what it's like to work on Fringe, and gave some interesting insight into his character - that maybe his character might end up being a good guy, and the reason for shooting Joanne Ostler:
That broad might have had it coming, kidnapping little kids...

Listen Now:

We would like to thank Chase Kelly for his time, and to Jen and Adele of the Fringe Dwellers Podcast (The official podcast of FringeTelevsion!) for conducting and recording this interview for us.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking my question :) He sounds really cool, love how he called John Noble "my hero"

Anonymous said...

Awesome interview guys! Mr.Loeb is one of my most favourite characters in Fringe and now Chance Kelly become my favourite actor.
Good job!

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