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Fringe Progamming Note

      Email Post       11/25/2008 01:02:00 PM      

The Circuit Presents: On the Fringe host Ajay FryTonight's episode of Fringe, The Dreamscape, will start later than usual (9:08 PM EST) due to House running eight minutes long. Fortunately the episode hasn't been shortened, which means Fringe will run long as well.

In Canada, where Pushing Daisies is the lead-in, Fringe will still be starting late, but to fill the gap, they will be airing an eight-minute special - The Circuit Presents: On the Fringe, hosted by Ajay Fry.

Going forward, next week's episode Safe, will be at the normal time, but sadly will be the last new episode of 2008. (December 9th will be an "encore presentation" of The Ghost Network)

Fringe will return with all new episodes in 2009, starting on January 20th, with the episode Bound. House will be moving to Monday nights, and Fringe's new lead-in will be American Idol.


Anonymous said...

The day before the season premier of will truly be the best week ever!

Anonymous said...

Great! Now Im gonna have to see a part of American Idol to watch Fringe. Ugh...

Capcom said...

Thanks for the info!

Heheh, I like your Canadian. X-D

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