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Fringe Episode 108, The Equation, Airs Tonight at 9/8c

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If you are new to Fringe or just now deciding to truly delve into it, you are in the right place. On Tuesdays we hold a live discussion and easter egg hunt, both starting at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. The article page for tonight's episode of Fringe over at Fringepedia also unlocks at 9/8c.

Before and after Tuesday night, we have news and spoilers, a gallery and a forum. In fact, you could say Fringe Television is an all-inclusive fan site. Yup, you could say that.

But back to tonight's episode. What are you looking for beyond the usual?

Well, you want to keep an eye out for The Observer. He is a cryptic fellow who we don't know much about, but one thing is for sure, he makes an appearance in each episode.

Second thing to watch for is the next episode clue. By the way, the next episode is entitled The Dreamscape. If you want more to go on than that, and don't mind spoilers, see Fringe Spoilers.

Third, any and all reference to Massive Dynamic. Like The Observer, it's all but guaranteed MD is everywhere, including in every episode of Fringe.

While that's it for the solid leads (the stuff we know to look for and why), there are plenty more random curiosities in every episode and this from Jeff Pinkner:

There’s Easter eggs all over the place. Many of them are just for the fun of people who want to play along. Several of them have yet to be discovered.
So you see. It's far from too late to start down the rabbit hole. Happy hunting.


damiangarcia92 said...

Im kinda thinking maybe a butterfly might show up somewhere and be the clue but who knows haha. Can't wait for tonight!

damiangarcia92 said...

Sorry to post again but I think I was right! Before Olivia first sees the "Red Castle" while she's on the phone, behind her is a trashcan with a white butterfly on it. If it's already been found then oh well, but just wanted to mention it. :)

Anonymous said...

what does the red apple at the end mean?

PARAJAX said...

Great episode! I dread we will never see the apple again. Hope we find out soon what's up with the apple; was it teleportation, instant cloning, or...?

I'm bad with faces but the killing guy at the end looks like the formerly parasite stricken agent?

O well, another week of hickle-dee, pickle-dee.


Dennis said...

Yes, that is Agent Mitchell Loeb.

About the apple - using the equation, he was able to reach into the locked safe and take the apple out. It sort of like D.L. from Heroes.

PARAJAX said...

Ok! Ic! Dennis, Thanks for clarifying.

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