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What Would You Ask: Mitchell Loeb?

      Email Post       11/25/2008 02:36:00 PM      

Tomorrow, I'll be talking to Chance Kelly, who plays rogue FBI agent Mitchell Loeb.

He is the guy who wrapped a parasite around his heart to find out where "The Gentleman" lives (Little Hill) in In Which We Meet Mr. Jones, and as seen here, pulled an apple out of safe in The Equation.

If you have anything you would like to ask, leave your questions in the comments, and I'll ask as many as I can.


Dennis said...

Here are some initial questions:

• What episode are you currently filming?
• How did you get the job on Fringe? Did it help that you were in the Black Donnellys, with Kirk Acevedo?
• Who does Mitchell Loeb work for? ZFT? MD?
• Who is The Gentleman? What or where is "Little Hill"
• Doesn't attaching a parasite to your heart seem like a very risky way to find out where the gentleman lives?
• How does the equation work?

tallone said...

I think you got them all Dennis. May I also suggest what exactly happened to the apple?
What do the green/red lights do exactly?

Anonymous said...

Have you watched Lost or Alias or any other Bad Robot production before coming to Fringe?

Was the last scene in "In Which We Meet Mr. Jones" in everyone's script, or was that a top secret scene? Were you shocked by the ending?

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