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Anna Torv Interviews

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The Fox FRINGE Blog has scans of the December Issue of Sci-Fi Magazine featuring Anna Torv.

SpoilerTV also has has some quotes from Anna regarding FRINGE. We've removed the spoilers here, but you can read the full article in the Fringe Spoilers section:
Discovering new layers of her character (Olivia)
“Oh it's great because it's television so you don't really know when you start. You just do it episode by episode, and we don't get the episodes, say – we don't get them, you know, much ahead of time so every time you read it oh, my God, and that – really, oh, and then you sort of try and put it in, but it's – it's fun.”

[The Dreamscape Spoiler Removed]

[In Which We Meet Mr. Jones Spoiler Removed]

Olivia's relationship with Walter Bishop (John Noble)
“I think Olivia waits for everyone to prove themselves to her, you know, before she kind of jumps in or, you know, really gives them all of herself, but I think definitely there was a sweet scene, I know in one episode where she sort of, Walter's the only one she confides in and I think when Walter's lucid, you know, I think absolutely he's got that kind of like mentoresque, fatherly – yeah, he's like the wise one, isn't he?”

[The Equation Spoiler Removed]

The science of "Fringe"
“They justify it really well, you kind of want to get online and find out if it’s actually possible, what’s actually possible and what isn’t but that’s the bit that I love about the show because I think that, you know, I can give it just the information that we get at the moment like if it’s totally okay and everyone is fine with knowing that we can clone sheep and ten years ago that was frightening, I kind of think “What are we capable of? And why don’t we know? Who does know.”


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