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Fringe Episode 109: The Dreamscape Tonight!

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On tonight's episode of Fringe "The Dreamscape":
FRINGE: Walter (John Noble) examines a man who fell to his death from the Massive Dynamic building in the FRINGE episode The DreamscapeA Massive Dynamic employee is so convinced he is being attacked by butterflies that he jumps out of a window to escape them, and the team is called in to investigate. Although Olivia's unexplained interaction with Agent Scott leads to breaks in the case, she is so desperate to rid her consciousness of him that she demands to go back in the tank. Meanwhile, the jig is up for Peter when a former friend and some current foes find out he's back in Boston.
Episode discussion takes place over at, where you will also be able to share your comments with other Fringe fans. Or, take your fandom to the next level over at Fringepedia, the Fringe Encyclopedia.

Easter Eggs and Screenshots will be posted at throughout the night. Screencap requests can be made here.

Keep your eye out for The Observer, who makes a cameo appearance in every episode, and for other clues, including the Next Episode Clue. The clue from last week's episode can be found here.

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