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Fringe Pattern: Case 0091 - Evidence 0005

      Email Post       8/18/2008 05:33:00 PM      

Fringe Pattern - Case 0091 - Evidence 0005 - DNA analysis taken from Iowa sheepThe missing Case 0091 - Evidence 0005 from FRINGE viral website PHI (also the Imagine The Impossibilities site) has been found.

The image appears to be DNA analysis taken from the sheep seen in Evidence 0002 video. The samples are all named after the Iowa towns - Caroll, Vinton, Cresco, Estherville.

This appears to be what was shred in the Evidence 0006 video, which could explain why the link was removed from the site. I'm not sure what to make of the actual DNA evidence, other than they all do not appear to be the same.


tallone said...

good job...I thought it would be about genes for along time.

Anonymous said...

Another interesting thing to look at is that they're all from the same towns depicted in evidence 003

Anonymous said...

gyeh.... go me for not finishing the post before opening my trap. Of course you already saw that AND said so right in there. just, yeah, completely ignore my previous post.

Apopheniac79 said...

Also, deletia over at unFiction noticed that the time stamp on #5 is exactly 24 hours prior to evidence #1.

Techjunkie said...

It looks like gel electrophoresis, a method to compare dna samples to check to see if they are the same. It uses an enzyme to cut dna samples at certain points annd then it uses electricity to meve the dna pieces across the gel. If the dna is the same, the bands will be the same. By the looks of it, there are 2 sets of dna, the shorter set of bands and the longer set,the problem with this is that each set should be different. This isn't completely certain, though, since the image is somewhat distorted.

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