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Fox's Official FRINGE Site Gets New Look

      Email Post       8/21/2008 08:54:00 AM      

Fox's official FRINGE website - has a slick, brand new look. The glyphs are gone, replaced with the usual TV show categories: Info, Bios, Blog, Videos, Gallery, Features, etc. There is also a Fringe newsletter that you can sign up for, and a new Fringe Widget that features a countdown to the Fringe Season Premiere.

* Thanks to Steve C. for the update!


Erik said...

I suppose yall noticed the FIBONACCI numbers in the heads 1NFO B1OS etc etc?

tallone said...

There are probably others as well. There is a direct link to imaginethepossiblities....just so everyone knows....drag your cursor over the site to the middle..two long triangles light up. The one on the right links to flicker. The one on the left links to imagine. My guess this is where the clues between shows will turn up.

Anonymous said...

actually the right links to
fringwiki now

tallone said...

thanks anon..

Anonymous said...

The countdown is wrong. Who do we contact?

Dennis said...

It looks like it is off by 12 hours... or maybe the premiere is at 8:00 AM? ;)

Dennis said...

The countdown has been fixed.

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