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Fringe Posters: Answers

      Email Post       8/28/2008 12:00:00 PM      

Here is the next two sets of FRINGE posters, the "Answers" series, and another untitled series which we'll call "Look Closer". You can see the other Fringe posters here.

Keep checking back for more exclusive Fox FRINGE posters!


tallone said...

Interesting double images

organimal said...

What the interviews and the new images seem to add up to: they're three parts of a triangle.

Oliva Dunham, FBI agent: Seek answers/Investigate

Peter Bishop, skeptic, realist: The answers are the question/Ask

Dr. Walter Bishop, mad scientist: Question the answers/Imagine

The three of them form a kind of ideal unit for solving mysteries.

So, are they the Pattern, or are they the ones most perfectly equipped to "Find the Pattern"?

Both? I like both.

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