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Fringe Pattern: Case 0091 - Evidence 0006

      Email Post       8/18/2008 05:25:00 PM      

The FRINGE viral website PHI (also the Imagine The Impossibilities site) has been updated with a new piece of evidence.

Case 0091 - Evidence 0006 is a security video of someone breaking into what looks like a lab, and shredding a piece of evidence. The person's face can not be seen, but a Golden Spiral can been seen on the white board, and a gun can be seen in one of the drawers. Case 0091 - Evidence 0005 is skipped over for some reason.

* Thanks to
Steve C. for the email!


tallone said...

this looks's a ceiling panel for an air handler..that's way you hear humming.

Bann Uncreative said...

The reason Evidence 0005 can not be seen on the PHI site is because that is what 's shredded in the video. It used to be on the sire, but lucky for us, it can still be seen here

Dennis said...

... or just look at the next post ;)

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