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Nylon: Fringe Fashion With Jackson and Torv

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Fringe's Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv in Nylon magazine articlePop culture and fashion magazine Nylon featured an article on Fringe's Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv.

* Thanks to Jo at JoshuaJackson.org for the scan!

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Fringe's Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv in Nylon magazine articleFringe is a triple-whammy: a show that is certain to catch the attention of Lost lovers, Dawson Creek devotees, and X-Files fanatics alike. Created by J.J. Abrams, the producer behind Lost and Alias, Fringe is a sci-fi drama starring Joshua Jackson (best known, of course as Pacey on Dawson's Creek) and Australian actress Anna Torv. The show gives equal weight to the eerie , paranormal experiences that beset each episode, and the muddled relationships between the trio of main characters - an institutionalized scientist, his son (Jackson), and the female FBI agent dispatched to look after them (Torv).

For Jackson, at least, it's the former of this combination that has him excited about the project. "Dawson's Creek was much more of a soap opera and less up my alley," Jackson says, "because growing up, I didn't watch 90210, I watched The X-Files. To be working on something in that genre is really cool,"

Fringe is Torv's introduction to America audiences, though she is a familiar face on Australian projects. Like Jackson, she is excited about the show's foray into the unknown. "Most of the work I've done, in TV particularly, was about romance and like,. sittiing down and having lots of coffees with people and talking about stuff," she says. "But this is action-packed: I get to run and I get to fire a gun." KW
stylist: elle werhn. hair: seiji at the wall group. makeup: hung vanngo at the wall group. shot at eve nyc studio, new york. from left: blazer, shirt, and pants by gucci. shoes by converse, jacket by converse by john varvato, shirt by ralph lauren collection, shoes by olivia morris, earrings and ring by stephen webster silver collection.


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