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Fox to Fill Fringe's Gap with "Hole"

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One of the unique features of the premiere season of FRINGE is the so-called "remote-free TV", which promises half of the normal commercials of a regular show (typically 20 minutes per hour).

However, we have wondered how an one hour and 22 minute show could fill a two-hour premiere slot and have less commercials.

To fill the gap, Fox will debut "Hole in the Wall" immediately after the FRINGE season premiere, "letting viewers sample two of its highest-profile new shows at once."

"Hole" is Japanese style game-show that is already a hit around the world, and on YouTube where is goes by the nickname "Human Tetris".

After the premiere, "The Wall" will move back to it's regular time slot on Thursdays, and FRINGE will continue the rest of the season with 50 minutes episodes and 10 minutes of commercials.

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Fox's 'Hole' to Ride 'Fringe' Coattails

By Josef Adalian

Fox is hoping the creator of "Lost" can help its new reality show "Hole in the Wall" get found by viewers.

The network has quietly scheduled a 25-minute sneak preview of "Hole" behind the Tuesday, Sept. 9 premiere of "Fringe," the new drama from J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. "Hole" will air from 9:35 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Among the most highly anticipated new shows of the fall, "Fringe" was designed to air as a two-hour pilot. But in May, after the pilot was filmed, Fox announced that the show would air with a reduced commercial load, allowing advertisers to hawk their wares in a less-crowded environment.

Weekly episodes of "Fringe" will run about 50 minutes, with producers cramming in extra content. But with the show's pilot built to fit into a normal two-hours-with-commericals slot, Fox needed to find something to fill the programming hole.

Enter "Hole."

Fox executives considered several possibilities to fill the gap, including a fall preview special. Ultimately, the network decided to turn the night into an event, letting viewers sample two of its highest-profile new shows at once.

"Hole" is still scheduled to settle into its regular Thursday night slot on Sept. 11. The pilot for "Fringe" will be repeated on Sunday, Sept. 14. Fox is still finalizing plans for how to fill the 25-minute gap left by the Sunday encore


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