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Fringe Podcast: Fringe Dwellers

      Email Post       8/21/2008 12:33:00 PM      

The first(!?) Fringe podcast is the Fringe Dwellers Podcast, brought to you by Jen from the Lost-related Hydra Cooler podcast, and Adele from the Three Chicks and a Mic podcast. Just like Anna Torv and John Noble, Adele is from Australia (although she doesn't fake an American accent.)

The podcast is spoiler-free, and talks about the general layout of the show, the cast, etc.

If you have a comment or question for Jen & Adele, you can email them at

You can also download the episode at, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.


Anonymous said...

It's cool to see other folks excited about this series. However, Wayne Henderson has been podcasting about Fringe since the last week of May, and the folks at have been podcasting about Fringe since the first week of August.

Dennis said...

Well, they're not doing a very good job of promoting themselves. (if a tree falls a forest...)

Do you have a link for Wayne Henderson?

tallone said...

It is all good much interest.

Adele said...

Thanks for posting about our podcast Dennis. We are stoked to be included on your site.

Correction though - my name is spelt Adele. So we aren't the first one but then we knew that might happen as there are heaps of massive JJ Abrams fans. The more the merrier. There were no Fringe-related podcasts on iTunes that we could find so we weren't trying to mislead people with the'first' label.
Hopefully we appeal to some fan's tastes. We do it because we love it, if people like it too that's a bonus.

Jen said...

I also have to say I am not really worried about being the first so if it is necessary you can change it to one of the first podcasts. The only reasone we said first was because when we searched Fringe there was nothing but music. So I would have to say I agree about he didn't promote himself well. And If you are talking about Waynes take on podcast then that doesn't count as a fringe podcast because that is Wayne's take on and it is a pop culture TV podcast that is released in different feeds. And he talks about everything. And I still can't find the fringe podcast on iTunes. Sorry man we can just say we are The first Fringe podcast on itunes.

Anonymous said...

I watched Fringe on Hulu last night and immediately downloaded all the podcasts I could find, of which there are two.

I have to say that I was disappointed in both of them. They both tended to ramble and gush about the first episode. The only other podcast I listen to that follows a television program is LOST Casts and I think it is an excellent show for Fringe podcasters to emulate. LOST Casts is well structured, quickly runs through the plot points, character development and digs into the mythology of the series all while geeking out but retaining a sense of humor.

Granted, we only have the premier episode of Fringe to talk about but there's already plenty to discuss. Fringe Dwellers and Wayne's Take on Fringe are fine but I want a podcast that has more substance. I hope someone out there is up to the challenge.

Dennis said...

The only other Fringe podcast I know about is called The Fringe Podcast, but for some reason, I don't think they are on iTunes...

Check out Fringepedia's Podcast page for more info...

Jen said...

Considering you haven't listened to our first actually episode before you posted this then I think maybe you should check it out. We plainly stated we weren't going to spoil anyone and that these were short episodes. I would hope that you give a listen to our episode on the actual pilot instead of an introduction episode and a news episode. I hope you listen better at the beginning and look at dates and descriptions for podcasts in the future. Happy Geeking Sir.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Wayne Henderson here from the Wayne's Take on FRiNGE podcast, which you can find in iTunes and at Feel free to call in your thoughts to the listener voice-mail and be part of the show at 206-984-1446.

Nice looking site here. It's great to have more FRiNGE podcasts coming out all the time. I enjoy FRiNGE Dwellers as well. Just heard there is an official FRiNGE "podcast" out, but it's not in iTunes yet (as near as I can find).


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