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Fringe Press Kit: The Phillip Broyles Files

      Email Post       8/20/2008 12:39:00 AM      

Fox has begun sending out FRINGE Press Kits, which are made to look like an FBI case file, similar to one shown in the Pilot episode.

Included in the kit is a letter, a digital voice recorder, "evidence" of The Pattern, and a DVD of the pilot episode.

The letter, from J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci, describes the show and jokes about the leaked pilot:
We're so thrilled that you liked the pilot of FRINGE, which you more than likely downloaded illegally.
Also in the kit is a digital voice recorder with the voice of Phillip Broyles describing some events of the pattern.

Click here to read the transcript:
File 90908

John Thompson, a normal kid, went missing back in '98. He reappeared last month, half-way around the world - hadn't aged a day. 46 other children who went missing that same year turn up - same story.


A Sri Lankan fisherman reports a low-flying plane emitting a high-pitched frequency that blows out all their windows. An hour later, an 8.7 sub-surface earthquake in the same spot creates a tsunami that kills 83,000 people.


A patient in Lisbon wakesafter years in coma, writing a series numbers that turn out to be exact real-time coordinates of our carrier battle groups in the pacific - intel that's classified above top secret.

It remains inconclusive to me whether these events are linked by a conscious hand, or have occurred naturally though random events. Ongoing investigation in Argentina shares the rapid cell division that Dr. Bishop found in the most recent victim. The ability to regulate sustained grown through the body's own hormonal system will be further studied through our own research. Resurrecting dormant Bishop/Bell projects will need to be reconsidered in light of this new event. But I am not prepared to link these investigations. I am tired of repeating my colleagues mistakes. After years of separating the conventional progress of civilization from events that reveal a new form of advancement, I'm still left asking - is there a message, and if so... who is sending it?

The other bits of evidence include photos of: the missing boy John Thompson, the Sri Lanka tsunami damage, and the handwritten navy coordinates. These are the same "pattern" stories described in the Fringe Preview Comic.

* Thanks to TV Barn (via FringeBloggers)


tallone said...

Good stuff Gene Id 2124 mentioned elsewhere is connected with human growth cells in all tissues and systems.

tallone said...

This is just my opinion but here is the info on gene2124. There is a huge amount of info on the subject out there,but as I recall this cell has to do with
human growth in all tissues and systems.

Capcom said...

Neat-o. Just a few more weeks now. :-)

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