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E! News: Anna Torv - On The Fringe

      Email Post       8/28/2008 11:30:00 AM      

E! News has an On The Fringe special, featuring Anna Torv.

* Thanks to MultipleVerses for the video!


Anonymous said...

I hate it when people use airplanes in their storylines and don't know the "real" story behind the airline scene. I am a flight attendant and that opening scene is just ridiculous. A pilot will NEVER open the flight deck door (the door which leads to where the pilots are) if something is going on in the cabin (where the passengers are seated). Even if there was a hijacker on the airplane and the pilots or at least one of them, has a gun (some pilots are FFDO's aka Federal Flight Deck Officers) because they are authorized and trained to carry and use a gun inside the flight deck, they won't open the door. Trust me, I am a flight attendant and we learned that in training. So yes, if there is a hijacker or treat on board the aircraft and the pilot(s) are carrying a gun, it has no use because they won't open the door to the flight deck, regardless.

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