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Fringe Discuss: What Will Happen in the Series Finale?

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Welcome to the last installment of Fringe Discuss, where we post a Fringe-related question and ask you to give us your answers.

We cannot change the fact that the end is in sight, but we can speculate about it.

This week's question: What do you think will happen during the 2-hour season finale this Friday?

Please feel free to post your responses below.


C'mon. This is your last chance to share your thoughts on the ends of the story arcs here!


SheHateMeBro said...

Walter will die and so will Broyles. The Observers will be wiped out, and then time will go back to the park before invasion. I really hope we get to see a middle aged Olivia and Peter with a grown Etta in a modern Boston without Observers, kind of like in Harry Potter.

KaRazzle said...
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KaRazzle said...

Walter will sacrifice himself to go to the point where the Observers will not evolve into the emotionless being they are.

But - the possibilities of messing with time are endless - will September still distract Walternate? Will Peter ever come over to "our" side? Are Peter and Olivia meant to be in whatever universe/timeline etc?

There are so many ways this can go!

So I will say they will reset everything and maybe by doing so original Peter will never be sick and die so there are 2 Peters and all will be well in all universes and in all timelines. (sucker for a happy ending)

Old Darth said...

Leveraging off my podcast buddy - Jesse Jackson from our last FBI Podcast - - who I feel specc'ed up the perfect Walter Bishop ending - here are my thoughts:

1) Walter's sacrifice is not to die but go with Michael to 2167 to act as his guardian/father and explain Michael's importance to the future scientists and the dangers of continuing their current research.

The beauty of this scenario is that it allows Walter to repair the damage he did when crossing over to rescue Peter. Plus he will get to be a father all over again.

2) The timeline will be reset back to the start of the season with young Etta in the park through the influence of Michael and/or Walter.

3) The reset will be possible outside of the influences of a Observer-free timeline because of the tech Donald provided which mentioned space/time manipulation and Moebius strips.

This tech will allow time lines to intersect or bleed over and will explain some of the inconsistencies seen over the course of the season ie Peter wearing different colored shirts in different flashbacks etc.

4) Because of point 3, Peter, Olivia, et al will remember everything that has happened since the pilot.

Old Darth said...


5) Peter will end up with the White Tulip as a sign from Walter that he made it successfully to 2167.

Zepp said...
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Zepp said...

This is a fantasy, which, too, could happen tomorrow, I think ...

On a starry night, full moon, wonderful, lands smoothly at the Boston airport, a plane coming from Hamburg, with 147 passengers and six crew, who are a bit tired due to the long travel route held. This Flight 627 would be the last to occur that evening the day after Thanksgiving, and movement in the airport lounge to increase the landing. Moments later, at baggage claim, are a middle-aged couple, waiting for the release of their bags. The man has a little gray hair, smooth, nervously, his mustache, and says, with a bit of anxiety for his wife who was there at his side:

"Olivia, I do not know where you took this mania that you travel with so many bags! There's even a vase, there, look!”... “A vase of white tulips, I do not believe it! So we'll leave here, only "tomorrow" in the night! "

"Oh Peter!" Answer the pretty blonde lady. "It was you who gifted me with these wonderful flowers, in Germany there, You do not remember?" ... "I could not leave them there, no way!" The elegant lady said it, smiled and gave a kiss on her husband, calming a bit.

At that point, I left the crowd a beautiful blonde woman coming toward this couple, saying, "Daddy! ... Mommy! We have to hurry because Grandpa wants us to do, our family reunion there in his lab at the university! Let's just there because he and Astrid are already there, anxiously waiting for us ...”

"Well, well, Etta!" Peter complains. "Only if we had a sort of teleportation, so we get there in time, right?"

The three get into a taxi, and flock in front, toward Harvard. Meanwhile, in a corner, looking all this, a distinguished gentleman bald, wearing a suit and tie, giving a slight smile, calmly puts his black felt hat on his head, takes a turn and goes walking slowly down the street, which is only lit by a beautiful light moonlight ...

This would also, for me, one of the ends for Fringe. But I'm pretty sure that tomorrow, when the end of this entire wonderful saga, will I have before my eyes watery, a level that deserves close of this beautiful work, called Fringe, no doubt.

Lenny Schafer said...

Donald and the kid observer find the original wayback machine and everyone goes back to Jacksonville, Florida in the '90s. There Walter Bishop gives young Olivia a different experimental drug which enables her to develop into a warmer, lovable personality that the viewing audience can relate to. Ratings start to climb as the writers figure out that robotic female protagonists don't connect. No more Bad Robot! Show is renewed for 3 more seasons!

fringeobsessed said...

Great theories guys. Keep them coming!

milostanfield said...

Oh boy! Last chance to be totally wrong about what's gonna happen next on Fringe.

The "Plan" and the trip to 2167 are MacGuffins and have been all along. They won't work or won't happen, and the team will have to use their oh so "primitive" wits to come up with something that will defeat the Observers in 2609 (or 2036), not eradicating them. By defeating the Observers and NOT erasing them from time, all of the Observer related events that have happened in the previous seasons will still have happened, including September interrupting Walternate, Walter crossing over and stealing Red Peter, and Peter growing up in the Blueverse and finding his true family, all without any messy time paradox issues.

This ad hoc "Plan B" will involve Michael's interaction with Windmark, Olivia going to the RedVerse (will she be able to get back?), and somehow the paper with the white tulip drawing. The way September looked at Walter when he said "I don't know what you did with it (the drawing). Only you would know that" just shouted plot point.

Walter will seem to need to make his sacrifice, but it will turn out he does not have to. Peter and Olivia won't get Etta back.

Obviously I'm going for the most "crackpot" theory prize here. Happy ending supporters need not apply. Sorry.

Unknown said...

@ Old Darth

that theory is absolute madness! I like it though, a lot. your 3rd point, their memories bleeding through, resonates with me as very likely. Same with your first and the whole father/son deal but more wishful thinking than anything.

Either way, i dont think Walter will be leaving us. He just got back!!!

Unknown said...

Like your theory!! :-)

Unknown said...

Will miss your beautifully written analogies that's Zepp :-)

Zepp said...

Oh Cazza Rule, his kind words these are exactly the reflection or the symbol of all that I'll miss, after the closing of our Fringe. This interaction with all of you here, gave me a greater value to words, respect and friendship.

DJ Drummond said...

Peter sacrifices himself, realizing he cannot exist and the universe be stable. In reactivating the machine, Peter instead obliterates BOTH universes in an instant ... but which are instantly replaced by a universe where Peter and Olivia raise their daughter Etta, where Walter is the only one who realizes what has happened and so is the only person who remembers the Observers, the war, and everything that happened in the Fringe episodes. Peter thinks Walter is looney, but offers him a pudding, which Walter enjoys as the show fades to black ... with Astrid and the cow visible in the background, but unseen by the others.

Santo said...

No reset, Etta is dead and this will not change...and no jump in the future, Michael (with the fringe team help) will humanize the observers.
Etta is a hero, to sacrifice her life for a greater good
Walter will not die, but no more liquorice for him ( i know, it's worse than death!!)
A bittersweet finale :)

Unknown said...

I was so satisfyed:D

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