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Fringe Benefits Project - Poster 5 and 6 Preview

      Email Post       1/10/2013 03:38:00 AM      

At the Paley Center last night twitter user, @Comixguru, posted these two pictures of the final two posters.

They are by Graham Erwin and Joshua Budich and will be available online on the 10th of January, but we do not know what time so keep that F5 button handy.

There is a gallery of press pictures from the event on the Getty Images website

There are more photographs on this Give Me My Remote blog article


Anonymous said...

I bet the last one will sell like hotcakes! The 6th one is kind of

Is that walter tripping on LSD? Brown betty perhaps? lol

Dennis said...

The poster on the left is for "Dreamscape", when the man is attacked by butterflies and jumps out of the window. The style of the poster is very consistant with other posters by this artist:

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see it now! Looks pretty cool now!

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