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Fringe Benefit Project UPDATE: Last Two Posters

      Email Post       1/07/2013 03:22:00 PM      

This Wednesday night, January 9th, the final two posters of the Fringe Benefits Project will be unveiled at sold-out Paley Center's "Fringe Benefits" event in Los Angeles.

The event will also feature a special exhibition of all the posters commemorating the series's most memorable moments, selected by Fringe fans worldwide and presented by Gallery1988.

While it is not likely that the first two prints will be available for sale at the event (since they are sold out online), it is entirely possible that the originals may be sold. Although, based on the prices at Gallery 1988's LOST Art Show, I would expect the originals to sell for $500 or more. At least the money goes to charity, as all profits from this project will be donated to The Mission Continues, an amazing charity that encourages and aids volunteerism by disabled and wounded veterans

The good news for those not attending (myself included), is that the prints should be available online soon after the event ends.

Any guesses as to what the last two posters will be? 

I would like to see jalapeno-eating September and the beacon from "The Arrival", and/or see Peter get into the machine with all his flashbacks from "The Last Sam Weiss". What are your favorite Fringe moments?


jlee0429 said...

I really want to see the fate-like encountering of young Peter and young Olivia in Subject 13, not to mention lil' Olivia meeting Walternate on accident!

milostanfield said...

Good poster material
1- Olivia (3.01 "Olivia") leaning out of Henry's taxi firing at the gas cylinder, and reflected in the taxi window.
2- Peter in the Machine, arms stretched out, head back.
3- Astrid and Alt-Astrid facing each other saying goodbye in "Making Angels".
4- Walter leaning back from his bong pipe in "Brown Betty".
5- the "Unknown Child" smiling at Walter while wearing the neural stimulator.
6- Alt-Broyles & Olivia facing off in his office arguing in "Abducted".
7- Nina facing down Windmark before her sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated. I just felt like posting on here.. The episode Peter is airing right now on the Science channel. :(

Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated. I just felt like posting on here.. The episode Peter is airing right now on the Science channel. :(

Anonymous said...

Totally related. I want to see the posterized image of Kevin Reilly, FOX Director of Entertainment, as he renews the network licensing contract with Bad Robot, JJ Abrams and Warner Entertainment on 17 Jan 2013, one day before the series finale. FRINGE gets a solid lock for three more full years on FOX - AND NOT on Friday evening.

Sidebar: FOX loses me after this. FRINGE is the only primetime show they have that I watch. Don't feel bad FOX. I don't currently watch a single prime time drama or comedy on NBC or ABC either.

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