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Fringe Benefits Project: Wrap Up

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The final posters for the Fringe Benefit Project were revealed on Wednesday night during the Fringe Benefit event at the Paley Center in Los Angeles. They were made available for sale during the event, and then the remainder we sold online beginning last night around 8:00pm EDT.

Three of the posters are still for sale on, but unfortunately, with the help of a little media coverage, word spread beyond our tight-knit Fringe community. The attention attracted some lowlife scalpers, who snapped up the last of the final "Fringe" posters, causing it to sell out in less than 30 minutes (which would have been even faster if the Galley 1988 server hadn't crashed...)


These villains took away posters from actual Fringe fans, and are trying to make money off of a charity event. This bad behavior should not be rewarded!

Not to mention the fact that some posters being sold could be fakes!

However, the main reason not to buy these poster on eBay, is that there is a good chance the artists will be selling more of these posters themselves.

You may have seen that the posters were originally released in a "hand numbered edition of 150 (100 available)". The other 50 that were made are called Artist Proofs (AP), and some will be given back to the artists so they can sell them themselves.

Not only will you not have to pay a ridiculously marked up price, but you will be directly supporting the artist that created these posters.

For more information, visit each artists website, and sign up for their mailing list, or follow them on twitter - and who knows, you might find something else you like by these artists:

  1. "White Tulip" by Anthony Petrie (@zombiebacons) at
  2. "The Plateau" by Mark Englert (@markenglert) at
  3. "Earthling" by Dave Quiggle (@davequiggle) at
  4. "The Transformation" by Gary Pullin (@GhoulishGary) at
  5. "Dreamscape" by Graham Erwin (@GrahamErwin) at
  6. "Fringe" by Joshua Budich (@JBudich) at


cortexifan said...

And to proof your point Dennis:

That is just wrong.

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