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It has been a while since I created an Observer Talk post so I thought it was time to catch up on the small amount of Observer language we have seen in recent episodes.

First is the poster to the left, which was first seen in the episode Five Twenty Ten

This version of the poster was included as an image released as part of the Fox Now app for a later episode.

Ministry of Science is translated of course, but the second section of observer language says "Brooklyn Division" which is different to the English equivalent.

Next was The Human Kind there were two instances of Reward Wire in evidence.

The first appeared to be a direct copy of the Reward Wire website on a huge billboard. The second was when Olivia was kidnapped and her details were looked up.

The Observer text appears to say "teo yriu" which is consistent with the non english words we have seen on other computer screens.
I don't think there was anything new in Black Blotter so the next episode to talk about is Anomaly_XB-6783746

The LQ7 device that Windmark calls for has lots of observer letters on the physical buttons / switches and on the screen of the device.

The first picture of the device shows the top of the device and it appears to have a switch with three positions simply marked 1, 2 and 3, The device is set at position 2.

There is a label that says LQ7 to identify the device and controls on the device translate to words like ON, OFF, SET, MODE, FREQ (for frequency ?)

The remote wand part of the machine used to scan the glass also has the LQ7 device identification letters.

The screen on the device has the usual non english wording that we don't know how to translate.
Finally from this episode we have the warehouse where the other ECOG device is stored.

The shelving system is also labelled in Observer.
On to episode 5.11 The Boy Must Live

A nice touch here was the Observer language version of the floating location caption, we are in their neighbourhood after all !

What especially made me smile is that I have been including a 3D version of the observer language on my twitter icons that I have been designing for the Fringenuity social media events.

Next is a keypad from 2069 which has the set of symbols we haven't translated yet.

One of these symbols looks suspiciously like the double F Fringe Division logo from the Redverse.

A little later in the episode there is a scene where Windmark and another observer are talking, there is a holo screen displaying some observer writing but unfortunately there is not a close up view of it so I haven't been able to translate anything from the screen.

Next in this episode was the storage locker where September / Donald had stored some equipment.

This picture of the briefcase lock was taken from the images shown during the epsiode in the Fox Now app. The symbols are from the non translated set that are seen on the communication device which also had another appearance earlier in the episode.

Following that there was another moment that made me smile when the real "September's Notebook" was taken from the briefcase.

This is of course the tie in to the book by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry which now has it's own dedicated website

We mentioned this book previously in Observer Talk as the cover wording translates to "a cautionary tale"

From the press releases and interviews with the authors, the book does continue or at least is a part of the story of fringe and may reveal some answers for questions that might not be answered in the show.

Finally for epsiode 11 we have a couple of signs from the Monorail.

The literal translation of the sign is a little odd, and I'm actually guessing at a couple of letters as elements of the characters are missing - "Uper lel Platfrm"

Also on the train there is this small sign, which again isn't 100% accurate for the English equivalent.

My best guess is that it says "511-M4"

Thanks for reading I hope you have enjoyed the journey through the Observer language and if there is anything to translate from the Finale I will be back with another post. If not goodbye for now.


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