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Fringe Benefits Project Artist Interview - Mark Englert

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The third interview in our Fringe Benefits Project interview series is with Mark Englert.

Mark created this superb dual aspect poster with glow in the dark ink to represent episode 3.03 "The Plateau"

Q - Mr. Jensen Karp is the mastermind behind Gallery 1988 and The Fringe Benefits Project. When did he contact you about participating in the series? How much advance notice/working time did you have? Especially as the episodes were voted for by the fans of the show.

A - Not much lead time, but coming from a comic book and production art background, I'm used to crazy deadlines.

Q - If you had the chance to create another print in this series what moment would you have chosen?

A - Well, I got to do exactly what I wanted with my Fringe poster, so, I'm not too sure... A gold and bronze metallic Statue of Liberty would be cool.

Q - Were you restricted/instructed in anyway ?

A - Not really... it was a painless process on my end.

Q - Are there sketches or preliminary drawings that we might see?

A - No. I had to turn this one around quickly and a written description was enough to get a go ahead.

Q - What's it like to watch a reveal drop from your end? Did anyone let you know when your print was to be revealed, so you could witness the reaction online ?

A - It's always scary, stressful and exciting to put something that I've invested so much of myself into up for sale... I didn't know ahead of time when it would go online, being a secret reveal, but I happened to be online when it did.

Q - If you are a fan Who is your favourite character in the show ?

A - It was Walter for a long time, but I've come to enjoy Peter more and more as the series went on.

Q - Do you have a favorite moment / episode ?

A - There's too many to really nail it down... one that always stuck with me was Olivia in the car crash.

Q - Are you going to be releasing AP's? If so, a hint as to when they might drop? :D

A - I'll most likely get some copies for myself, but not many... so, after keeping a couple for my own files and a couple for family and friends, I'll have very few left over to actually sell. So, I may have to come up with a creative way to disperse those.

Your Art

Q - How did you get into print making? What was your first print you ever did?

A - I got into it as a fan and collector, which I remain. Being someone who can't help but make his hobby his job, I eventually thought of a poster I thought ought to exist and took it upon myself to make it happen. That print was Det Er En Slags Ting.

(Editors note this first print also had a glow in the dark element Click here to see it)

Q - Do you pull your own screens or use outside source?

A - I don't have the expertise to produce my own stuff... especially my stuff, which is a pain for experts at screen printing. For this job, I was just hired to create the image and wasn't involved much beyond that.

Q - For those who are just getting into collecting art prints, what advice would you give to them regarding storage and upkeep that you wish you knew when you started?

A - Getting a flat file was a necessity when I started to actually produce these things and had to store them en masse. As a collector, having a flat file available to me was a major upgrade and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who isn't going to frame these things right away... definitely do not leave posters in the shipping tubes for any length of time.

Q - Are you a collector of prints yourself? If so, what are some of your favorite prints you own from other artists?

A - I'm a fairly big collector. Some of my favorite are the Star Wars set from Tyler Stout, Brazil from Martin Ansin, Legend of Zelda and Totoro from Olly Moss. I have so many that I love, I could go on for quite a while.

Q - Of all the prints you've done so far what's been the one you've been most excited to drop?

A - My first drop was highly memorable, but it was pure stress, so I didn't really get to look forward to it... I think the one I was most excited to put up for sale was This is My Farm... I'll Die Here. I was really happy with how it came together and couldn't be happier with how the sale went.

Q - What would be your dream print to create for a gallery/studio (tv show, movie, band, or all three?)

A - I'd love to do a gig poster for They Might Be Giants... I'm also wanting to do something for my favorite movie, Ed Wood. But, I am so close to that movie, that it's difficult to come up with something that I'd be happy with.

Q - Can you give us any hints of any prints you'll be dropping soon??

A - I got back from Christmas vacation, visiting the in-laws in Toronto, to a burst pipe and tons of water damage in a house we closed on in October of 2012. So, as soon as I am able, I'll be doing a special print release to try and raise funds to cover anything insurance won't. I've loved drawing dinosaurs since I was a little kid and I've been aching to do something dino-related... so I'd say it'll be something along those lines.

A - I'm toying with taking the very few Fringe prints I'd have to sell and randomly packing them in with the fundraising release.

Another big thanks to Mark Englert for answering our questions and giving us some great insight into his print making world.

Mark has a website which showcases his work and provides news on upcoming work - and he can also be followed on Twitter - @MarkEnglert


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