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In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we bring you the audio interviews we conducted with Lance Reddick, Joel Wyman, John Noble, Jasika Nicole, Anna Torv and Josh Jackson right after the final Fringe panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2012. We hear each of them discuss the impact and legacy of the show, and Joel says that it has shown how important media, social media and grass roots campaigns are. Joel also shares how he came up with the idea of White Tulip. He told us, “that image came to me in a dream, and it meant something. It meant hope and that it’s okay, and this concept of ‘I don’t know what the hell’s wrong with the world, but there’s some method of peace that I can find, and belief in something good.’” Joel also told us that season 5 of Fringe is everything you know about Fringe coming back as a love letter.

When Lance Reddick was asked about Fringe’s legacy he said he believed it will be the relationships. John Noble agreed saying, “We have these intense relationships. These are really rich relationships and that’s what makes Fringe different from other shows.” Regarding how he would like to see Walter’s story resolved he said, “If a man, through his hubris and his misplaced love, his obsessiveness, and his self-centeredness, and his arrogance, performs an act which creates as much havoc as Walter did, and then as a human being suffered the consequences, then I reckon he has to be responsible for what happened. Now he has to face it, look it in the eye, and do something about it. That would be a glorious character arc to take.”

Several members of the cast are asked about their feelings going in to the final season. Each of them said they were happy and relieved that they would get to resolve the story and put a proper end to Fringe. Jasika Nicole stated that, “it feels like this is going to be the easiest thing ever. All we get to do is have fun and we get to tell a really good story because that’s the priority. It’s not about numbers, it’s not about money anymore…and we’re going to tell the best story that we can tell.”

In our time with Anna Torv, she opens up about what has made her most proud about working on Fringe and shares a few secrets about how she might have played Olivia differently had she known from the beginning of season 4 that Peter was in the proper timeline all along.

There are a lot of other great moments in the interview. For example,when John talks about his favorite Walter scene and Josh tells us how much of a gift John Noble has been to Fringe and the sci-fi genre. We have the entire press room session available as a podcast and you can listen to it using the audio player below.

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milostanfield said...

Wow. What a wonderful podcast. Listening in, I felt the personalities of the principals coming across, not just as famous actors, but as positive vivacious people. I would love to spend five minutes talking with any of them. I wouldn't just walk away from that. I would skip and dance.

I thought they all hit it perfectly when talking about how the show has been about the characters, their journeys, and their relationships as much as, in spite of, and along with the sci-fi. Science Fiction (Social Fiction is a better description) is of course about using imagined changes in culture, science, technology, or environment, the big what-ifs, to tell a story about how those changes affect people. The what-ifs are wonderful to imagine, and see created, but in the end it is the characters who matter, who put you in the story with them.

I usually take the summer off from Fringe to come at it fresh in September, except for checking in here (OK, and having fantasies about "Farnsworth P.I"!), but after this podcast, I feel another rewatch binge coming on!

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