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Fringe's EW Interview at SDCC 2012

      Email Post       7/14/2012 07:53:00 PM      

It's been a busy day in social media and at the San Diego Comic Con for Fringe, and here's a fun interview filmed today with Anna Torv, John Noble, Joshua Jackson, and Lance Reddick by Entertainment Weekly.
"Tomorrow's panel" they are referring to is, of course, the last Fringe Q&A panel ever at the SDCC, which will take place Sunday at 10AM Pacific Time.


Anonymous said...

last Q&A ever?

nothing says they can't have another panel after the series ends in february. what if they do a movie or two? what if the "Comic" book takes off? what if the Science Channel wants to run a retrospective Q&A panel once the series hits syndication with them?

-- darwin

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