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FRINGE at Comic-Con 2012 Live-Blog

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The live blog for the San Diego Comic Con 2012 Fringe Panel
July 15, 2012 by Marisa Roffman

10:10 AM – The sizzle reel just ended and now it’s time for the panel!
10:11 AM – The Con officials didn’t want to let the fans raise their white tulips and they did it anyway. Go fans!
10:12 AM – Blair Brown isn’t here, so J.H. Wyman films a video of the fans saying “We miss you, Blair!”
10:13 AM – It’s official: “It’s going to pick up exactly where we left off in 4×19…the next day,” Wyman says of season 5.

10:15 AM – “I had two and a half versions of what we could do for the end and…then it became very clear,” Wyman says of the series’ ending. The cast does know where the show is going, and they’re happy about having that information.

10:16 AM – “Just as you guys want the show, we all want the show to end well…to give us the chance to give it our best,” Josh Jackson says.

10:18 AM – Fans can have the opportunity to have their name in an official FRINGE book about September’s observations of the people. (Additional nfo to come later.) Why they’re doing this for the fans: “This is the little show that could and I can’t believe we’re here,” Wyman says. “I appreciate it so much.”

10:19 AM – Jasika Nicole is talking about the Walter-Astrid relationship. She says she was trying convince herself it was OK if she got killed off, but, “I didn’t die! I made it to the fifth season!”

10:22 AM – Nicole shares that Lance Reddick tried to hide out in Comic-Con by wearing a BREAKING BAD hat and it so didn’t work out, but she was able to hide out.

10:23 AM – “I would like to aspire to the nobility that Peter has developed over the five years,” Josh Jackson says of what he has learned from Peter over the past five seasons.

10:24 AM – Fans misinterpret Anna Torv’s use of the word “come” and let’s just say there was way too much inappropriate laughter from both the fans and the panelists.

10:27 AM – “What we’ve learned is about the power of love,” John Noble says. “Though all of the science fiction and the hurdles we’ve had to go through, it’s the love.”

To read Marissa Rofman's complete Fringe Panel transcript at click here.


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