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The Fringe Podcast Summer Rewatch Episode 10

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In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we start season 3 in our Fringe summer rewatch series. We are joined by John, Lou, and Heather as we discuss, "Olivia," "The Box," "The Plateau," "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep," and "Amber 31422. We cover a wide range of topics including the work of Anna Torv, how Milo might be a precursor to the Observers, the dynamic between Olivia and Newton, different opinions on the characters from the Redverse, and the way that Fringe likes to play in the gray areas of building characters and stories.

In our Fringe Binge segment we talk about the 2012 Saturn Awards, the content that will be included on the season 4 DVDs/Bluray, a change in the production schedule for season 5, and when the Fringe series finale will be aired.

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Old Darth said...

Having a lot of fun doing these Fringe rewatches!

Thanks for the opportunity, Darrell!

CaKe said...

Does anyone know when fringe season 4 will re air?

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