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Collider Interview with JH Wyman - The Final Season Of Fringe

      Email Post       7/30/2012 11:51:00 AM      

Steven Weintraub of the Collider website has posted an excellent video interview from the recent Saturn awards with Joel Wyman, the Season 5 Fringe showrunner.

Lots of great info here, some highlights of which are:

  • Season 5 will end with a 3 part finale.
  • Joel is committed to tying up the major series's questions in this season
  • things from previous seasons that seemed to have been dropped, and Joel deems important, will be answered 


Anonymous said...

Are we getting an answer about the apple baby :(

SissySiri said...

Now there is a man with a lot of class. Mr. Wyman is a big reason why Fringe is so classy. I loved that interview, he was so appreciative of the fans and the fact that they get to wrap up this amazing show in the manner that he wants. I have every confidence that I will be happy at the way Fringe ends. It is very sad to think of the show ending, since I have watched every episode since the pilot. I have the first three seasons on DVD, it has just been a great show, the humor, the acting, the writing, and I have no complaints.

And congratulations to Fringe for all their Saturn awards. Great job!

I’m getting kind of bored with so called fans bringing up things in the past, and griping about not getting answers, like Mr. Wyman said it is so rear-view mirror. In my opinion, true fans are just so thrilled to be having these final 13 episodes to wrap things up – for crying out loud, just be happy that we have received this awesome gift. I am.

Harriet said...

I am SO happy that at least there will be 3 more episodes to watch, even thought I will be so very sad to see the show gone forever. Friday night was the "highlight" of my week as I looked forward to my favorite show and the DVR was set as well. So many inferior shows go on while this well written wonderful creative show has to end. As another comment stated. It was an "awesome gift" to all sci fi fans.

Matthew M said...

The more he talks the more worried I become. Got a bad feeling about this.

Zepp said...

Thanks for post this video, Old Darth. As I always say to myself, the production of Fringe, always in good hands, and now continues to be in good hands, no doubt. Fringe is currently the best science fiction show on TV, is a fait accompli, just do not see who does not want. I reiterate my thanks to the voters of the Saturn Award for viewing much further than many ... many others. Joel Wyman is now the conductor of the production of Fringe, and he has all my trust.

SissySiri said...

What are you worried about Matthew M? I did not pick up on anything in the interview that made me worry. From what I understand after listening to interviews, listening to what others say, I believe that you could call Mr. Wyman a “romantic,” therefore I am hopeful the ending will be upbeat.

I read somewhere that the two tiny babies in the half apple glyph is an indication of an evil Etta twin. That seems a bit farfetched for me, but it’s Fringe you never know. I would rather think of it as an indication that Peter and Olivia are going to have another child who will have an older sister . . . . much older. 

Karen said...

@ 94138ace-db09-11e1-89b1-000bcdcb5194

I'm pretty certain the apple glyph represents the universe and the alt-universe.

SissySiri said...

Really? I’m unfamiliar with that hypothesis. I will do more research, since I cannot seem to get a definitive answer. It's not all that important in the scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

The apple glyphs are there from day 1.

My concern with season 5 is that according to Wyman we must now all wonder about Etta and her life, while we still do not know what happened to Olivia as a child, who brought her to Walter and Bell, who is her father, and besides 3 lines about her mother, nothing.

Season 4 made it even more messy, because we got 3 scenes where Nina was the nanny, and than that was gone.

So season 5 should have been about the main characters, finally Olivia, also Nina and Astrid some backstorylines,

What we will get is Walter and Peter and Etta replacing Olivia,
With Walter and Peter being the good guys, as usual,

And Olivia the bad mum, the Outsider

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