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The Fringe Podcast Summer Rewatch Episode 09

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In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we wrap up season 2 of our Fringe rewatch with our discussion of the episodes, “Northwest Passage,” “Over There Part 1,” “Over There Part 2,” and “Unearthed.” We discuss the revealations that “Mr. Secretary” is Walternate, our impressions of the alternate characters now that we’ve seen the end of their story arc, Peter and Olivia’s destiny to be together, and the mind blowing season finale. We also dicuss some of the comments that Joel Wyman made at comic-con and how they add new revelation to these episodes. In our discussion about “Unearthed” we talk about science vs. religion and how it was handled in this episode, and eliments from the episode that made it into stories that were aired in later episodes.

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