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Fox’s ‘Fringe’ Shuts Down Production For 2 Weeks As Star John Noble Gets Treatment

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Wednesday July 25, 2012 @ 5:20pm PDT
After four days of shooting, production on the final season of Fox’s cult sci-fi drama Fringe has been shut down for two weeks so co-star John Noble can get treatment for a sleep disorder. Filming on the final 13 episodes of the Warner Bros. TV-produced series began last Wednesday with Noble. On Monday, Noble was MIA at the show’s TCA panel when producers explained that he was not feeling well.
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fo note:All of us at Fringe Television hope John Noble is feeling great again as soon as possible.


SeanL said...

That's horrible. I hope he feels better soon. All us Fringe fans could not survive without our Walterisms and of course the one who makes them so special, John Noble. Feal Better Soon!

Zepp said...

Oh my dear John Noble, I estimate that you have sensitive improvements in your health as soon as possible! You are our loved Walter, who is the "soul" Fringe, no doubt. A prompt reestablishment for you!

Matthew M said...

Well, I hope he doesn't turn into another Michael Jackson. Sleep problems are bad news, I know. Nothing to laugh or sneer at. Hope he gets fixed soon. If something happens and he can't comeback the show won't even make it through 13 episodes. Prayers for you Mr. Noble.

Anonymous said...

I love John Noble of course because he is our beloved Walter but also he seems to be such a nice and charming person, I wish he gets better soon, and hope he makes sweet dreams, I have trouble sleeping too since years and I understand very well how hard it is to cope with a feeling of being constantly tired.I'm sure that Walter would start yoga, and brown betty as a cure, I hope the doctors find the appropriate way to cure John Noble, and that he will be able to express all his talent again playing Walter.

Anonymous said...

The show starts back on Monday. They brought in the director/script for the third episode, which has very little Walter/Walternate in it, and that will film before they shoot the second episode/script of season 5. The only one getting two weeks off is the senior citizen from Aus.


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