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Comic-Con Fringe Panel Twitter Campaign, July 15th

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All through Season 4 you saw me post here about the fun Fringe Twitter Campaigns hosted by Fringenuity.
Well, now you can participate in a special Twitter campaign tomorrow, Sunday, July 15th.
The last Fringe Q&A Panel of the SDCC takes place at 10AM Pacific Time(1:00PM Eastern Time).
Fringenuity wants to try to trend two fandom tweets tomorrow, one before the panel begins, and one during the panel:

1) #TheyAreComing at 12:30PM Eastern Time(before the panel)

2) #In WymanWeTrust at 1:00PM Eastern Time (during the panel)
Please consider joining in the campaign by tweeting the above hashtags at the above-mentioned times.

Please do not use either hashtag prior to the designated times above.

Fringedom, let's show the cast and executive producer of our favorite show our support during their big day at the SDCC!

For more information about what to tweet and when, and these and other great icons, visit the Fringenuity website here.


Check into Get Glue during tomorrow's Fringe Panel and get a special Fringe Comic Con sticker!


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